Has Steven Gerrard just invited Scottish football to go **** itself?

Has Steven Gerrard just invited Scottish football to go **** itself?

In a feisty address, Rangers manager Steven Gerrard has politely told Craig Levein and Scottish football at large where to go in a STAUNCH defence of star striker Alfredo Morelos.

Speaking at the pre-Aberdeen presser, Gerrard was asked about Levein’s comments concerning the Colombian’s alleged ‘physical’ conduct, and the former Anfield legend said in no uncertain terms just how he feels about those comments and the ex-HJK man’s conduct.

He said:

“Craig’s entitled to his opinion, like I am when I speak about Hearts, Aberdeen or whoever it may be. What we’ll do, to make all the other managers in the league happy, is we’ll tell Alfredo not to compete. We’ll tell him to just get kicked from pillar to post, from the first minute to the last. We’ll just tell him not to go near anyone. We’ll make it non-contact for Alfredo, see if they like it and then nobody will complain. I’m not really interested [in analysis of Morelos] – he’s scored 17 goals and he’s in fantastic form. That’s my only concern. What other managers and defenders come out and say about Alfredo is none of my business. It’s their opinion and they’re entitled to it. I’m not really that interested.”

We have to say Gerrard is absolutely nailing the kind of comments this club has needed. We’ve been fed up with some handwringing from certain aspects of our club in recent years, and this makes a refreshing change from the whimpering pandering to SPFL and SFA we’ve endured as a support in recent times.

So for our manager to effectively invite a rival manager and the game north of the border in general to go f*** itself and shut up is genuinely a thing of marvel and the kind of narrative we need to deliver.

Or, Alf could just sit idly by and basket weave?

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  1. A breath of fresh air to see our boss coming out and saying what has to be said,and what should have been said in the last 20 years,the amount of stuff that we have had to take in recent years with no one inside Ibrox saying nothing in reply has been disgusting,,and you can see that the bheggar influenced media in this city don't like it.We are a force again and they will try everything to fuck that up.

  2. You only get complaints from other managers etc when Morelos is scoring goals and whooping their ass, if he was crap you wouldn't hear a thing about him from other clubs

  3. Well done Stevie G. Such a response, from a Rangers man, is so, so long overdue. I would have went further and made more of a reference to Levein's comment about being against 13 men:on 2 counts. 1) Hearts no. 9 should have been sent off for a shocking tackle on Collibaly, – he wasn't even spoken to and Madden was about 4 yards away, and 2) Berra, to my eyes, clearly handled the ball, deliberately, in the Hearts penalty box, around the 70th minute – a clear penalty. So Madden was poor for both teams. To be fair it was the linesman who f…… up with Buff's goal, not Madden. Although he clearly did with the two incidents I've identified. Interesting also, that no one picked on the fact that the ref employed by BT, to analyse controversial decisions (eg the Arfield incident), said Arfield merited only a yellow Not a straight red card. No mention anywhere about that. Am I surprised? What do you think…

  4. Steve G is a class act Levein makes no comment regards the Hearts player who went over the top on Coulibaly and could have broken his leg did he get a yellow no did he get a red no will the compliance officer review it quiet likely not after all its a Rangers player on the receiving end of it at last we have a manager who will not be intimidated by anyone keep it up big guy

  5. I have no doubt every manager in this league would love to have Morelos or at the very least, a striker with Morelos battling qualities in their team. He’s a physical handful that also delivers

  6. So what's new, everybody and their bloody auntie doesn't like Glasgow Rangers or anything they stand for, so what. Personally I am proud we're getting back to our own high standards on and off the park, it's been a long painful struggle but we will win this league sooner or later and it will be the sweetest most deserved title ever. Killid off. Buried. Not a bloody chance we are made of strong stuff at Ibrox. WATP

  7. Hand-wringing was right. These are probably the kind of people, who want David Murray, to return to Ibrox. Tell it as it is, Stevo.

  8. Has Levein been charged yet? Has the Compliance Officer cited the Hearts player for his shocking tackle on Coulibaly?

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