Wednesday, 26 December 2018

Gerrard/player controversy deepens....

First off we at Ibrox Noise hope all our readers had a lovely Christmas, and our best wishes for the new year. However, back on the football, following the incredibly topsy-turvy win in Perth, Rangers fans had much to chew on. Obviously we were delighted with the win given the performance which preceded it, but we have Hibs today and this raises a pertinent worry.

As we know there will be no Borna Barisic, following the hamstring pull which laid him out at McDiarmid, which in itself is a tragedy as the Croatian was starting to slowly show the form which persuaded manager Steven Gerrard to shell out for him.

The further problem is Gerrard’s abysmal handling of the plan B to this – Lee Wallace.

It started out that Rangers’ board were handling this one poorly, casting Wallace out – Gerrard came in and appeared softer and more willing to use the left back.

Over time we’ve discovered he had no interest in using the ex-captain, stating we had better options there. That’s options, plural, folks.

So there were now questions hanging over his dealing of the situation and player. This was man-management at its worst, or so we thought.

Pre-St Johnstone Steven Gerrard not only slightly attacked Lee Wallace, but he made it abundantly clear how unimportant the fullback was to him. That he was a mere squad player, and knew this, and understood the situation. And that if he was happy with that it was his (Gerrard’s) position. And that Barisic was the number one.

Ergo, wonderful man-management especially given he ended up having to use him, God forbid.

The way Lee Wallace is being singled out right now by everyone at Ibrox bar the fans is quite simply a disgrace.

The supporters chanted his name when he came on, and rightly so – he’s not perfect, and he’s only human, and he like the rest of us has made errors.

But the way Rangers as an institution, now including the manager, is dealing with the ex-Scotland international’s increasingly fraught spell is completely, utterly, and hopelessly unacceptable and absolutely un-Rangers like.

We now have to likely rely on Wallace today, who, incidentally, was evidently playing not for those who directly employ him, but for the fans and the club on Sunday. And he’ll do it again this afternoon, if Gerrard can swallow his pride enough to select him.

Lee Wallace knows the fans are on his side, including us here on the site.

We know he’s not going to be Arthur Numan (in truth he struggled on Sunday given his in from the cold nature) this afternoon either, but we know he’ll give everything for us.

And that’s what all True Rangers should do.

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