Fury at Dens Park after post-match controversy

Fury at Dens Park after post-match controversy

The sudden pressure at Ibrox, ramping since two bad results in a row, has not been helped after fans reacted with fury over captain James Tavernier’s no-show for media duties post-match at Dens Park yesterday.

Midfielder Jordan Rossiter appeared in front of the cameras to apologise for the travesty on the turf which preceded him, but it was the captain’s absence again from any kind of similar activity which riled fans up even more.

We’ve covered Tavernier’s complete unsuitability for the armband many times, and called it out as an error – as regular readers will know, we’ve also proposed it was a ploy to hike his value and get a big bid for him, which nearly worked following West Brom’s circa £3M bid last summer.

But now it serves no purpose and Steven Gerrard has been left with a captain completely unsuited – and Jordan Rossiter had to apologise on the players’ behalves instead.

It’s not the first time Rossiter has done media work following a bad result, and the youngster has had the dignity and humility to show respect to the supporters by apologising – meanwhile his captain is now gaining a reputation as a shirker, a leader who won’t lead when the flak comes and refuses to talk publicly when the chips are down.

He spoke of the honour of being Rangers captain, and then he got even more buttered up with a wage rise and contract extension.

Well, he’s certainly not being a Rangers captain by any sense of the role, and fans have often pointed out he only appears in the media after a win or for very rare press conferences.

And that’s not washing with anyone.

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  1. The 2 best players currently at Ibrox are Morelos and McGregor and Steven Gerrard did not sign any of them. His transfers have been shocking so far. Goldson gets all the praise but he has been 2nd rate for the past 6 games. Worral, Ejaria, Flanagan, Lafferty, Coulibally all shocking signings

    • Agree 100% with your comment. glad to know someone other than myself can see Goldson is not up to the job as are many others.

    • Ibroxnoise – Wasn't Mcgregor signing on the cards before Gerrard via Allen? I thought I read Gerrard saying somewhere he didn't have anything to do with Mcgregor. Maybe I'm wrong.

    • Goldson started well and has recently dropped off. Not sure why he switched sides w Worrall yesterday though. Orders?
      Think it is unfair to judge Flanagan when he hasn't played his position, RB. Wouldn't slate McGregor or Morelos if they were poor at LB. Time will tell, he may be here to replace Tav in January, then I will take a view
      Worrall, Ejaria and Coulibaly except for first few weeks – all fail.
      Lafferty was brought in as an emergency because we needed a backup. I was against it, but he is here now, so I support him. We still need a backup particularly as 3rd choice is also a fail.
      William Boyd has a point though. We were all happy when we were winning. So lets be realistic. We didn't honestly think every signing would work and we would stroll the league, did we? Slow, steady progress is the way forward. I will be interested to see if SG and Mark Allen have found January answers to out 2 biggest problems, striker and No 10 playmaker

  2. All our problems go back to one mistake, our failure to add any genuine quality to the team – in particular a creative Playmaker.

    The team is full of players who can provide effort but lacks any genuine quality. Until we add that one player who can dictate play and open up defences we will continue to struggle.

    Right now our attack is reliant up in luck with far too many aimlessly hopeful crosses. Any team good at defending crosses will have a chance against us.

    That being said, a number of players are not performing to the standard they are capable of, very worrying time as unless team improves our title challenge will crumble in the coming weeks.

  3. If Brighton/WBA etc come knocking for Tav again …Sell Him! 👍

    We get £3.5m – £5m for him thats a Nice wee Profit.
    …Id Replace him with Iorfa or O'Donnell

  4. Spot on regarding JR facing the music instead of that nugget Tav. Had we got the result yesterday Tav sorry I mean the invisible man would have been I front of the camera he needs pu red pronto and that armband took from him and given our goalkeeper.

  5. No another Tav witch hunt – give it a rest – there's bigger problems than Tav e.g. a full midfield that can't create a thing

  6. What a load of pish get aff the guys back and back the team stop being dickheads
    He’s scored 10 goals and set up 13 ffs not 1 player in that team is anywhere near him in the stats

    • I think most fans would be happy to support Tavernier as a player, some at right mid rather than right back, but he is NEVER a Captain and should be relieved . It might even help his own game which has been patchy.

  7. Explain then why JR was the one put out to speak about the game. A guy we have not seen al season was he put out to speak to the cameras to us know then that he is still here. Tav is a Chancer and you know it.

  8. They take turns off doing after match pressers and its not the captains job to do every one .I`ve seen Tav do some and others do them too.This is just another article written to have a go at a guy you don`t like .He is struggling a bit at the moment because he is the only one who is asked to play every game and is looking tired but we need to ask why that is ?Its because we are scared that without him we will lack creativity and delivery from that side .I don`t doubt there are better captains around but I don`t see any in the current Rangers team.Replace him with Iorfa ? …..I bet you`ve never even seen this guy play.

    • Our goalkeeper mate should be captain. As Tav firm takes a dip big time ther won't any big bucks coming in for him ad he looks burned out who is going to buy him like that.

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