E-Rangers striker announces desire to come home – will it happen?


It’s not surprising that Rangers are the toast of football right now following a truly captivating and well-deserved victory over Celtic.

It’s taken way too long, but it’s finally happened, and one ex-striker who has made it abundantly clear, again, that he’d love to come back is Jason Cummings, who proudly posted on his social media feeds that he was watching the match and was, unsurprisingly, firmly on Rangers’ side.

Regular readers will know we have a lot of time for Cummings, and while it didn’t work out at Ibrox for him for right or for wrong, it’s good to know we’ve made a lasting impression on the lad and he’ll be forever one of us.

No Surrender Jason.


  1. Would bring him back in Heartbeat

    Didn't work out?
    …He wasn't given a Fair Chance!

    The boy knows the SPL inside and out and also knows where the goal is.

    He would be a better option than
    Lafferty,Sadiq, Hardie, Herrera, Eaves all put together
    The Boy is a Goal Machine! 👊🏼⚽

  2. Nowhere near good enough, we need to be setting our sights way higher than Cummings.

    Would much prefer we took a punt on Laurence Shankland.

  3. Cummings isn't even getting a game for Peterborough in League One. If you're going to get a player from there then I suggest we have a look at his team mate Ivan Toney. Never seen him play but he seems to score every week including a recent hat trick. He's only 22 with a record close to a goal every 2 games.

    • I’m glad somebody else has noticed! Never ceases to amaze me that folks on here talk about him “knowing the SPL inside out” and being a goal machine. If he wants to come back to Scotland, it won’t be with a major club – might fit with a Motherwell or St Mirren, and that could be a good move for the lad. He’s just going to fade away down south.

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