Sunday, 9 December 2018

"Doesn't want to be here" - Rangers ratings against Dundee

Following a horror show at Dens Park to follow up a pitiful display against Aberdeen, Steven Gerrard’s Rangers are in danger of losing their way completely. It’s ‘only two’ bad results but they’ve been dreadfully damaging.

Ibrox Noise takes you through our worst and worse performers on the day:

Allan McGregor:

Helpless for the goal, spent more time trying to lead and rally his troops than he wanted. Had little to really do but was mostly assured when under threat. 6

James Tavernier:

His current overall horrible form continues – that wonderful attacking display at Tynecastle only a week ago seems like an age now, and in this one he was flat, out of position most of the time, and managed barely a single decent cross. He also seemed to refuse to use Eros Grezda despite the Albanian being frequently available. Poor. 4

Joe Worrall:

Oh what a nightmare Worrall had. The partnership with Goldson doesn’t work, and Worrall was calamitous on many occasions. Quite honestly looked like a player who is looking for his return to Forest next month. 3

Connor Goldson:

Dreadfully out of form, and it’s been getting worse since that first evidence of mortality when he had a stinker at Motherwell months ago. He’s just not been very good over the piece, even if he was a bit stronger at Hearts. Exposed repeatedly, can’t seem to read the match around him, and was diabolical today. 4

Andy Halliday:

Best defender, but that’s not saying much. His goal was a belter but little else in his game was much cop. For the fact he stopped us losing this match, he gets our illustrious Ibrox Noise ‘Defender of the Match at Dens Park who Played for Rangers’ award (because by miles and away Kerr was the best defender on the park). 5

Ryan Jack:

His lull form is still going – he was ok, but the brilliance of his shows earlier this season isn’t there right now and why he was whining about the booking is beyond us. 5

Jordan Rossiter:

Still a tonne off match fitness and sharpness but he sure tried and even managed a few attacks. A solid outing but nowhere near where he can be. 5

Daniel Candeias:

A good source of crosses and worked his trademark hard self but lacking in much incision otherwise albeit managed to get behind the defence more than once. One of the few to have a reasonable match. 6

Ryan Kent:

Basically invisible. Did get done unjustly out of an assist, but otherwise a really weak match from the winger. 4

Eros Grezda:

Actually quite dangerous when he had the ball, but lacked composure in the second half with a good chance – nevertheless we remain puzzled as to why he doesn’t get the ball more than he does. 6

Kyle Lafferty:

Bright start, done out of a goal, and it seemed to knock the stuffing out of him. Was absolutely hopeless after that and had no impact on the match thereafter. 4


Glenn Middleton:

Actually quite a bright cameo from Glenn, better in the subs role than starting for the foreseeable future. Got in more crossing than many, and worked hard to create chances. 6

Borna Barisic:

Dundee had him completely covered – he only managed one, maybe two crosses and had basically no effect on the match despite being fed quite a few times. 4

Ovie Ejaria:

We have no idea why he was brought on. 3

Steven Gerrard:

We applauded the switch to 4-2-3-1 because it was freshening things up and we equally foresaw most of the raft of changes Gerrard would make. However, whatever he said to them to do clearly didn’t work and he’s in a precarious position right now where our crucial December has already crumpled thanks to four dropped points of nine. At this precise moment, his management is not working and neither are his players – and given he made six changes to Wednesday’s XI and got exactly the same response from the new batch we have to now look at him and accept he’s culpable for some of this. 4

A horrible, horrible display and a wretched result. And all of it deserved.


  1. Agree with your ratings. Lacked a leader as well as will to win the game itself! The opposition have us sussed. They are aware of how to get points from us by man marking, parking the bus and score on the counter attack or set pieces!
    We lack players with belief, dig, heart, urgency or skill to win against such poor teams!!!
    If this was Warbuton, Murty, Pedro, Murty,, we would be shouting for Gerrards head!!
    We are most fortunate that Celtic have been dropping points this season!! Or else fans would be screaming for Gerrard to go!
    I sincerely hope and pray that Mark Allen, Gerrard, McAllister and the board are planning for an assault on January window to bring in players that are up for the fight to win the league and be able to carry the weight of the Rangers jersey, because if we keep the current crop as is, we will struggle to get third or fourth this season, and we you all know it!!!!

    1. I thought Tavernier was far from being our worst player today but is NOT and never will be a Captain. When Rangers got the equaliser they celebrated like they'd just won the league rather than scoring an equaliser against the team at the bottom of the league. What we need is a John Greig type character that told them to get their arses back in their own half to go win the game. We are Rangers we do not celebrate mediocrity.

    2. And while Im at it Andy Halliday, believe me we are only too aware of who you are so it's probably not a good idea to highlight it by pointing to your shirt when you score. Embarrassing. Do it in a cup final and I might cut you some slack.

    3. He has done it in a cup final!

  2. It's starting to feel like our own players, are sabotaging us and taking the piss. There's no, talking your way out of this one. Absolutely unacceptable. Well, the side-passing emtpy jerseys, should be put on notice. Come January, your done. We can't, go on like this. How many times, are they going to stab us in the back?

  3. McGregor should wear the captain's armband. He is the only one who escapes a revaluation of a January transfer away from Ibrox. Tavernier, Worral, Ejaria, Morelos and Coulibaly are not cutting it and should be let go and let them take their ego's with them. Big,big wake-up needed and Gerrard MUST BE RUTHLESS. No more "it's not acceptable" platitudes. Felt for young Rossiter. Not match fit, tried his heart out and shoved into the glare of a post game video comment. Tavernier, Worral, Goldson AWOL again. Shite.

    1. Spot on about rossiter, I just hope he's not made a scapegoat for today as he's clearly not match sharp. I'd make sure he's in the team again next week, only way hes going to get match sharpness.

    2. How does Rossiter escape criticism? He is just as culpable as everyone else and is not the player everyone seems to think he is. He is young player with some potential, just like McCrorie. Nothing more.

    3. I never said escape criticism, I said I hope he's not made a scapegoat. Big difference! Your right, he's young with potential but he's not match fit which is why he should start against Hamilton.

    4. Rob57 - Rossiter doesn't escape criticsm, you and others tear him apart everytime you get the chance. Rossiter was not fit yesterday but unlike other players(Senior players may I add) Rossiter gave everything he had in his tank and never once tried to hide or pass the buck! and even had the courtesy to face the camera's afterwards whilst others hid as usual! and that's what we need more off around the club! If Rossiter ever fully gets fit(Big if), I firmly believe we have a player in the mould of a Barry Ferguson in the middle of the park. Young boy, old head on his shoulders, needs a run of games before we can really judge him, but he has the heart, desire and he has the ability in there somewhere...keep the faith!

    5. William, I have never slated Rossiter. I have merely pointed out that some fans see him as some kind of saviour and it seemed to me that every week he was out injured he became a better player. He is a young player with potential, like McCrorie, but nothing more at this stage. I genuinely feel sorry for the lad and hope he can go on to become a great player, here or elsewhere. In my opinion I thought he was fairly anonymous against Dundee but fair play to him for fronting up to the media.

  4. I would have to agree with all the ratings and comments. Gerrard appeared to have done the right thing with most of the changes he made for today's game, but it certainly didn't work.

  5. Look guys,you win,lose,draw as a team and the fact that we have dropped more points again today means there are no pass marks whether it be management or players... They are all to fucking blame and it isn't good enough?But Gerard is now starting to annoy me by passing the buck and continually saying the players didn't carry out his instructions... Maybe its because their not good enough Stevie(its ur/me players ffs) But it doesn't stop here,Ashley in/King out watp

  6. inability to open up defences. Players scared to play football in tighter areas as they dont trust their touch. Why do defenders not lump the ball instead of letting it bounce in the box. 2 similar goals in 2 games. Get Katic back in and stop changing ur CBs ffs Gerrard!

  7. Another pathetic performance all round. Why start barasic on the bench?? I sound like a broken record on here but Halliday should be in midfield. Why take him and rossiter off and leave on Ryan Jack who was on a tightrope with the yellow card?? Tav needs dropped. His decision making was horrendous, grezda was making runs and finding space constantly and he point blank refused to use him. Middletons crosses were shit. Lafferty shrunk about 3 ft after his disallowed goal. Why goldson and Worral were playing at opposite sides as they usually do I'll never understand. A mistake Gerrard has made is not registering himself as a player, we could do with him driving the team from the middle of the park. I'm gutted like us all but realistically he has put this team together in 1 transfer window. We need the January window asap. Attacking midfielders and 2 strikers! Davis, solanke and moult.

    1. Agree Barasic should've started though to be honest he was rubbish when he come on.
      In what way is Moult the answer. He is not a regular starter for Preston and has scored 7 goals in a season and a half.

    2. If barasic had started then Halliday could have been in midfield having more of an influence. Moult scored plenty up here for Motherwell so I'd think he would do well for us. He's a presence up front which was lacking against Dundee so he's more of an answer than lafferty right now.

  8. I agree sg asked about passion and desire he needs to look in the mirror as I see none from him maybe if he shows some maybe just maybe players will do same we live in hope?

  9. Ridiculous to suggest getting rid of Morelos. Lethal finisher who's work rate, strength and goals alone have got us to where we are in the league and Europe. Temperament aside hes the best striker in the country and would excel in England with the service he would get. Just imagine his goal tally if our alleged attacking, creative midfielders did what they are paid thousands to do.

  10. ibrox noise very generous ,please no more loan players ,mr gerrard has made a lot of bad calls ,but i must say he has destroyed young mcrorie ,mr gerrards signings have been worse than pedros .

  11. I understand need to rotate CBs as McAuley can't play every game. But Worrall needs emptied and Goldson needs a rest. Katic has to come back in.
    I thought the changes were a good idea. Although even before kickoff I would rather have had Barisic in and Halliday in CAM. Other than that, I wouldn't have done anything else. Squad players have to get a chance and they have to take it. Some didn't.

  12. Chop and change the team all you want, criticise whoever you want, blame whoever you want but if the micks beat us in a few weeks and win their game in hand the league's over before January. And don't call me a defeatist, I'm a realist, but I'm blue through and through.

    1. IF? What have you seen to suggest we will NOT get beat by Ceptic. At the moment I'd be happy to avoid total humiliation. And the league WILL be over by New Year after we drop more points to Hibs. That's being a realist.

  13. Holy fuck, get some anti depressants.
    At the end of the day getting rositer back along with barasic and Kent might be the only good side of today.

  14. Dundee down to 10 men. Drawing 1-1 and chasing a goal to win 3 points and keep the pressure on the league leaders. Bring on another striker to score the winner, right? Oh wait!!!!
    Ratings spot on. Bit of sympathy for big Laff as he scored a perfectly good goal which, if it stood, would have led to a completely different outcome. Second half he was starved of a decent delivery.
    Bit harsh on Stevie Ger. 100% the right man for the job. Comments comparing him to pedro, warbs and murty are ridiculous.

    1. Harsh on Stevie G how? - Wouldnt you be being harsh if it was Warbs or Pedro who oversaw that embarassment today?

      Is it not his fault we have Worral on the park? Is it not his fault Tav is captain over someone like Mcgregor? Is it not his fault we play with 2 defensive midfielders? Is the crazy subs and moving players around not his fault? I dont see why it is harsh on Stevie G. He gets paid hell of a lot of money to make the decisions, and as it stands his decisions are costing the club! He's our manager, nothing more nothing less. If he isnt up to it, then he should be called out like other managers were!

  15. Very generous with your ratings I.N,
    i rate them all 0
    Not a shot on goal against 10 men ffs joke
    I wouldnt pay them 🚫

  16. As a Rangers player, Did you earn your wages today/this week?

  17. This Rangers team is a joke and Gerrard is to blame. It's that simple.

    It has to be said he is new to management and this is his first window so we need to cut him some slack but the fact is, he has made a rod for his own back that is now coming back to haunt him and he is learning about the character of the players he has given coveted positions to in our team!

    Made Tav captain - Utterly disgusting. Biggest bottler and worst Rangers captain in the clubs history! Candieas - the only winger who doesn't take on fullbacks and Gerrard plays them both constantly! Only thing any of them are good for is crossing the ball, which only happens when they play without pressure!

    Halliday or Flanagan playing in leftback - Leftback should be Barasic or Wallace no ifs buts or maybes! Gerrards doing!

    Worral even getting allowed in the squad - Mcauley should be main centre half with Goldson his deputy and Katic as cover with Mcrorie. Goldson has been getting away for too long now with thinking he is better than he is! Never seen a defender in my life duck under so many balls that come into the box or get turned so easily! he needs a leader beside him.

    Docherty, Rossiter, Mcrorie, should be in the matchday squad every single time before people with no heart like Ejaria or Coulibaby - Gerrards doing!

    Rangers football club do not need two defensive midfielders on the park, period! Gerrards doing!

    Rangers need to play more than 1 up top - If you watch Lafferty for Hearts or when he played for us before, his game was running onto balls. Now he plays with his back to goal passing everything out wide only to run in the box and find himself overpowered or overmarked! - Gerrards tactics!

    What do you think will happen if Rangers get a corner on Lustigs side in the next old firm and Tav runs 60 yards across the park to take it! Who do you think the next ball is goind to...Im gonna say Tierney or Sinclair, whilst Tav is trundling back across into position! If Rangers dont have someone on the left side to take corners then I suggest the get one asap instead of destroying our own shape at every corner..disaster waiting to happen!

    I could go on. but until Gerrard puts the heart, energy and direct play back into this Rangers team we will win nothing! That means selling the likes of Tav and co, Senior players who let us down every single time we need them most! It means getting young, aggressive, hard working players back into the engine room who will drive us forward. Not players like Ejaria and Coulibaby who want to play sideway or make half arsed attempts!

    It means finding your top 11 and sticking with it, it means stop using so many loan players and use our own.

    What do you tihnk would frighten Celtic the most in the next old firm? Ejaria, Coulibaly, Flanagan, Worral stoating about like they are half sleeping or guys like Docherty, rossiter, Mcrorie constantly battling and harrassing them for the ball in the middle of the park!? - Aberdeen and Motherwell have just shown that Celtic don't like fast, energetic aggressive teams. But what the love is teams like ours, slow, scared to have a go, always wanting to pass it to the sides...Shudder to think of the next old firm game!

    1. wiliam hayes will you manage glasgow rangers you are spot on ,rt,i,d

  18. Oh my God.... What a load of s.... So, a week after Tyne castle, where he was magnificent, Tav is suddenly shite and to quote some arse and complete eijet 'the worse Rangers captain ever... He was just about the only player along with Candesis, who didn't dissappear today. And I agree with the comment 'why cut Middleton some slack' - he was abysmal! Same as Rossiter and Kent: particularly Kent! The quaily in our squad isn't strong enough to make wholesale changes every week. And if Kenny Miller is able to play 2 games a week, so is the likes of McAuley: especially being a centre back. Worrall is woeful and has been, apart from 2 European games this season. We will be better with Arfield and Morelos back but that should not disguise the abject lack of creative ability throughout our side. McCory and Jack should be our foundation in midfield. But apart from Arfield (and eventually Murphy) they badly need to be bolstered by a couple of inventive midfielders - and not Steven Davis. He is not the answer.

  19. You're clearly watching the wrong game or can't see by Tav and Candieas! Middleton has more heart and desire than Candieas and Tav put together and he is 18 years old!!. The boy runs at players and takes them on Candeias simply doesn't, can't or won't! - James Tavernier has never stood up and been counted when it has mattered most. Not an old firm, Not a cup semi final, not a cup final and not the last two games when we needed our captain to lead the way and drive the team on and keep us at the top of the league. That's why he is not a Rangers captain and for me he is the worst captain and right back I have watched in 40 years at Ibrox. Three things are certain in life - Death, Taxes and Tav forgetting how to play football when it matters most. Out the door for me! So he had a good game against Hearts and what?? That's enough to justify him as a good player, captain and leader of Rangers? He can play all the decent games he wants but when it's time to really stand up and lead by example he's an abject failure, always has been and always will be and as long as he is captain and has free reign in a Rangers shirt, we will win nothing! Many good games did Gough have for Rangers in a row? Many good games did Goram have for Rangers in a row and so on? - Tavs ability to play football will always be overshadowed by his inability to do it when it matters most and for me that is not a Rangers players..Can tell your a Tav fan with your name calling like a wee boy because you don't agree with my opinion...Dry yer eyes and stop showing yourself up!

  20. Tell you what Davieboy - You tell me a worse captain that james Tavernier in the clubs history and I will take back what I said! go for it!

    p.S - By Captain we mean someone who has been captain for more than a game or two standing in. Here's just the last 30 odd years to get you started..

    Butcher, Gough, Amorouso, Ferguson, Klos, Weir, Davis, Wallace, Mculloch even Bocanegra...tell me which one of them wasn't more of a leader than Tav please...

  21. P.P.S Davieboy - Can you tell me the last time you seen our so called captain coming out and appologising to fans for a dreadful performance by the team? Or assured us things are going to get better? Has he ever came out and spoke after a defeat and faced the flak??

    Why do you think Tav our club captain doesn't come out and speak after the game? Do you think if he scored the winner yesterday and we tore Dundee apart than he would have been elusive?? Nope he would have been out drooling in front of the cameras, but in good old Tav fashion eh. When he's relied on, when the chips are down, when he is needed to stand up and take some flak...he's gone like Scarlet Pimpernel into the night.


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