Monday, 3 December 2018

Could Rangers have a £30M windfall on their hands?

Rangers went top of the league yesterday thanks to an epic win at Tynecastle, but the less noted stat is that striker Alfredo Morelos has equalised the historic SPL record of having scored seven matches in a row.

And this Wednesday he has a huge chance to own the record all for himself with the visit of Aberdeen to Ibrox and an eight match in a row with a goal to his credit.

He wouldn’t be able to extend to nine, due to suspension for next weekend’s trip to Dens Park, but midweek his value could increase yet more should he net another goal.

Frankly the striker’s form is on fire right now, and those who doubted his ability to go to the top of the game look very silly indeed. We’ve had our doubting moments but when he really delivers he’s unplayable.

Opposition fans have laughed at the notion of his value being £20M – well, on current form, and with crazy prices, it’s probably just increased again.

Get that record on Wednesday and Rangers can command yet more. £30m is not a silly idea for a 22-year old Colombian international.

January could be an interesting month for Alfredo Morelos and Rangers.

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  1. The true deal would want a whopping great sell on clause....

  2. Alfredo is a puzzle. He's not the most natural of strikers yet is heading for 30+ goals this season. Even yesterday he missed a couple of sitters. But he is young and may yet iron some of these failings out of his game and then the sky's the limit. But his work outside of his goals should not be under estimated. He is an absolute workhorse and a real pest to opposing defenders. If he stays fit and works hard on his game he could be a real top player.

  3. He needs to calm down on the stupid cards and he needs to get back into the Colombian national team to get his value right up....No Surrender....

  4. Quality Berra was fouling him all game but that clown Levine can't take a beating nearly as bad a losers as the Dodgers

  5. Reminds me of a young Ally McCoist tbh, misses a lot of chances but has the uncanny knack of being in the right place at the right time over and over again. If he keeps improving and focuses his aggression in the right manner he could be a helluva striker in a couple of years time.

  6. Gonna make us a Nice Pile of Money when He Eventually Leaves 🤔£££

    But then say We Were to Sell Morelos for £20m, How much of that £20m would SG get to Replace Him and Who could we Realistically get to replace Him?

  7. Said over a year ago now,that our very own alfredo morelos was a better striker than celtic ex striker,mousa dembele and would go on to prove it.
    Well he's most definitely proving his top class ability now.Rangers will eventually get more money for morelos from a buying club,than celtic got for dembele,mark my words.I was told at tynecastle on sunday,that the arsenal are sniffing about morelos and have already had scouts watching him,on several occasions, this season already.
    Newcastle utd are another intetested club,regarding morelos.

  8. Tough one. Tbh i don't see many teams willing to take the risk at £30m unless he's doing it in the champions league. Look at the last two semi large transfers from a spl team. Dembele and Armstrong can't even get a game at their new clubs. I'd say judging on spl performance won't get Mo to 30m

    1. Armstrong had done well to score 3 goals in his last 2 games if he's not getting a game.


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