Big accusation made of Rangers squad….


Someone posted on the site recently an accusation that Rangers are filled with midtable level SPL players.

Obviously this sounded like a rival SPL fan just being petty, so we decided to have a look at the best way to judge the quality of your team – international caps.

The more international players you have, the better your squad is likely to be.

Rangers have 14 current or former internationals – McGregor, Flanagan, Katic, McAuley, Jack, Coulibaly, Arfield, Morelos, Lafferty, Barisic, Grezda, Dorrans and Wallace. The final two were pushing it, and we barely see any point including Pena and Herrera.

Not too bad overall though, right?

Now look at midtable Hibs:

Marciano, Bogdan, Whittaker, Milligan, Horgan, Slivka, MacLaren, Boyle, Stevenson, Agyepong, Hyndman, Mavrias and Ambrose.

13 current or former internationals. Pretty much the same as us.

Hate to say it, but two draws in a row with Hibernian and the ‘rivalry’ these two clubs have had since the Championship is starting to look like a match of equals.

The reality is we love our Rangers and we ‘see’ our squad and players as better than other teams, because they’re ours. As we should. As they are.

But the truth is we’re at the same level as Aberdeen, Hibs, Hearts and others if we look at the real facts around our players at the moment. The most expensive player we’ve bought hasn’t even played for his country at youth level.

This just isn’t the quality of what we were yesteryear, and it isn’t going to change any time soon. Regardless of who we have as manager or who we sign.


  1. Obviously it does change depending on who we sign! If we are equal quality just now then we sign better quality than them, does that not make it change?? Tell me a hibs player worth more than £1mill?

  2. Flaniggan is pushibg the barrel way out too let's be fair.

    The money on offer st other clubs trumps anything we could've ever dream of. Our old ethos of thinking was we should And deserve to win the league every year. THE OLD way has passed us by now. We have to accept that we can't let I've in the past after past aby longer. All we do as fans is put pressure on us and the team and we can't cope. Also If we keep spending I much worried we will go into admin mark 2.

    • It wont be seen as mark2 by the legal powers mate, so any punishment would be that whisch is dished out for a first time admin, aqnd as it happens I agree with you , the finacial risk taking is not worth it in order to finish second at best, clubs future and survival is more important. to lose one Rangers is unforgivable, to lose two…well that might just be the end of it all.

  3. Some of The opinions and comments is turning me away from Ibrox noise pages, this is horrendous, to think that success is achieved overnight, especially with the last 3 managers, I know time is limited when you manage ranger, opinions are like A-holes everyone has one but Christ think b4you open… this goes to the moderators on hers as well I don't agree with all you articles some good and some bad but I think you should take the comments section away and just report as articles… true fans don't say the stuff I've been reading on the the last couple of days…

    • William, fair enough but the mood right now is the current sentiment. As for the comments, we value our readers and they should be allowed to respond. Within our rules, of course.

    • William. What do true fans do like? We only say what we see. I think we have to get real. We are not the club we used to be and money or lack of is the reason.

    • martin i think you are wrong lack of money is not the problem ,theres only 2 teams in scotland with money ,our players are worth a fair bit all our big signings are sitting on sidelines ,pena, herrera, katic ,dorrans, murphy ,arfeild, grezda ,barisic, the list goes on ,tav supposed to be worth 6 mill, morellos 20,mill ,come on we should be blowing the rest hibs, aberdeen out the water ,hate to say it bad, manjagment

  4. Keeping players fit is a task with a limited pool and no real money from the board Rangers will struggle. Celtic have all the cards at this time like it or not, Rangers need support up front one man can not do this on his own. Ranger need to buy wisley in the Jan window or the will not be at the top of the tree when the season ends

  5. As you know I am on occasion critical of IN. But you are spot on here. The bigger picture is that Rangers were stitched up by bankers, conmen, the SFA , the SPLF and the legal system( please remember lawyers are on this planet to make money not to ensure justice- just look at all lawyers judges who have made money out ofRangers debacle by arguing with each other).We still have Mike Ashley to sort out. Our ticket office policy is bewildering. Outsourced no doubt. I paid £2.50 for a Bovril yesterday in club deck. What a ripp off. Outsourced no doubt. There is still muchto be done at Ibrox off park as well as on. But SG is as good an appointment as we could have made.

    • Agree Alan. Take a very brief snapshot of what has happened since 2012: Administration ( some fans seem to have forgotten), Duff and Phelps, Whyte, Green, Easdales, Ashley, McCoist, Pedro, Murty to name just a few lowlights. It's an absolute miracle to be where we are just 3 points off the top of the table.

  6. Truth is our side lacks any real creativity, imagination or quality- particularly in midfield

    It's this missing ingredient that is the source of all our problems, the lack of a playmaker to dictate games and create good quality chances is stopping us from killing teams off.

    We have plenty of hard working players, but nobody that takes a game by the horns and makes it happen – far too often aimless crosses are thrown in to the box hoping for a bit of luck.

    We need to be making it happen, not hoping it will.

    Unless we spend a bit of money, wisely, on a creative midfield player we will continue to be the same standard as the also fans, and Celtic will again win a title we could have won if we had our act together.

  7. Have to agree.Football is run by money,so until someone like the Man City owners pitch up we'er stuffed,and BTW winning the SPL 7,8 or 9 times in a trot doesn't make you an out standing football side,Happy new year.

  8. We have a much better squad than any of the teams you mentioned .Everyone of our players would be a regular in these sides but you couldn`t say the same for their players and our team.I wonder how they would have coped with playing the number of games we have had this season and the number of injuries that go with it.After one transfer window we are on the right road and with a couple of tweaks to the squad we will push on ,in the second half of the season.

  9. very fair and honest article, truth is if one was to remove mcGregor and Morelos from the team Rangers woukd be in serious bother. Now, is there any other club among the chasing pack that relies SO heavily on two players? Ill leave Celtic out of this debate as they are simply out of reach , squad wise, player wise, moneywise etc for the rest at this point. As I pointed out elsewhere, Rangers expectations were too high too soon. Forget the romantic guff, the club was nowhere near ready to challenge for a title and is already running up serious debt trying to pursue the impossible. Dangerous practice, dangerous practice indeed.

  10. I've said all season even when we were winning it was terrible to watch, hardly a creative player in the team, Tav possibly and he gets pelters on almost every social media site, our midfield are horrendous no imagination what so ever and we'll never win anything with them.

  11. You can't judge a teams quality on the fact it has more international players! – too many variable no? Is a player who had one cap for England better than a player who's had 10 for Australia for instance depending on if the faced a big European team or Figi, Papau New Guinea etc?. Some get caps in friendlies and never make full squads, some get caps due to injury in the national team, some are older, some are younger and so on! – This Rangers team(fully fit squad granted) are man for man better than Hibs, Hearts and Aberdeen put together! Yes those teams have some quality but nowhere near Rangers whether they have internationals or not. We may be performing like them but that's a problem with the managment and injuries. If you lined up all the squads and were to pick players for every position based in quality…many Hibs, Hearts and Aberdeen players would you pick over Rangers players, even uncapped?

    Man for man this Rangers team on their day could and should be able to blow anyone away in this league, including Septic! and in my humble opinion we have some of the best players for the position in this country by a long way whether they have caps or not! Mcgregor,Jack, Alfredo, Dorrans, Murphy, Arfield, Wallace!, Rossiter, Grezda, Barasic. We even have some top youngsters like Docherty, Dallas, Burt, Mcrorie, Hardie. Yes I know they aren't all fit and I know they haven't all proven it but I believe this squad has a fantastic core regardless of status and if it stayed fit, clicked and began gelling in terms of getting game time together then they would show they are miles above the very best of those teams mentioned..

    Think I just went off point 🙂

    • Agree WH. We have good players who regularly under perform but we know everyone single one of them is so capable of providing much more. We are undoubtably better than last year and Im extremely confident we will be much better again next season. That is why Im sticking with the manager as I truly believe he will make us better, more professional, more classy and more consistent.

    • Yeah I understand that Rob. To be fair to Gerrard, the injury list has been cruel for him. I don't think we would have dropped quite as many points had we had Murphy available let alone the others. Couple of good Jan signings and hopefully Murphy and Dorrans getting closer and I believe we will move away from the pack..and who knows what will happen if we can keep pressure on Celtic! Keep believing mate..watp

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