Friday, 14 December 2018

Badnight Vienna - Rangers player ratings v Rapid

Rangers’ European adventure is over. It was a hell of a ride, and we have little disappointment in the exit – we gave this everything and it just wasn’t quite enough in the end.

Ibrox Noise has our obligatory ratings for a not so good night in Vienna.

Allan McGregor:

Sure, his misguided kick led to the winner, but it only started the move – he’s been a miracle at times this season and we’re not going to apportion any blame on the best goalie in Scotland and one of the best in the UK for this one. 7

James Tavernier:

He was ok – didn’t exactly stand out and his trademark runs and crosses weren’t overly saturating the Vienna defence. 6

Gareth McAuley:

Not the best we’ve seen from him – exposed a few times, made a few errors and looked ruffled more than he’d want to. 5

Connor Goldson:

A lot better from him – seemed to benefit from McAuley’s leadership next to him – while his partner wasn’t having his best night on the ball, Goldson seemed more assured and comfortable next to him regardless. 7

Borna Barisic:

A good performance from the Croatian – defending was solid, unlike in Spain, and he got forward to more useful effect than his cameo v Dundee. Showing glimpses again of what he can do. If he can get consistency and a run in the team he could develop into a truly excellent player. 7

Ryan Jack:

Patchy night from Jack – a few vital clearances in the box, but gave the ball away cheaply in midfield as well and concentration didn’t seem on point throughout. He’s been better. 5

Ross McCrorie:

Solid night but not spectacular – did what he was supposed to and shored up midfield efficiently. He’s not and never will be a flashy midfielder but he’s reliable. 6

Lassana Coulibaly:

Just miles off the old player he was and shouldn’t be getting picked on this form. 3

Scott Arfield:

Slightly quiet from Arfield but his experience helped McCrorie especially – he really is a figurehead for the younger players in that area to be guided by. Rangers simply play better when he’s around. 7

Glenn Middleton:

Lively from the wee winger – still lacks experience of course but used his pace more dangerously in this one – seemed to think a bit more, and he’s learning all the time. Solid. 7

Alfredo Morelos:

Didn’t score but this was one of his £20M striker nights. Some of his play was absolutely superb, and he used his physique brilliantly – also appears to be getting quicker and maturing in terms of team decisions. He loses the plot at times and we could all strangle him, and it certainly costs us, but when he’s in the zone and playing like this all is almost forgiven. 9

Steven Gerrard:

A raft of changes again for this one, and this time he did get a response of sorts. The players didn’t exactly produce their best throughout, but clearly Gerrard picked a better team overall than he has recently, with only one or two selections notably questionable. The players gave him everything as well, and he can be satisfied with the effort and some of the play. In some surreal sense, he can be happy with the result too – we can now concentrate fully on domestic issues. 7


  1. What game did you watch? Jack was probably our best player last night.
    As well as young McCrory

  2. I feel we dont have the players that can play to their ability in the big games
    No mental toughness seems when chips are down we don't play to our capability
    Rapid were no great shakes like Aberdeen are no great shakes but we lost both games 1-0
    we do not have the required standard of player to win Trophies
    Something most of us know
    I continue to call for King to go

    1. If David King goes we will be in trouble please get real

    2. Bill b

      Your the one that needs to get real the mans a Disgrace as a Chairman
      No Trophies no money no class AND he was on the board when we went into Administration
      Supporters like you are the reason we are in this state -refusing to see whats in front of your face
      Sorry Billb i believe i am Real

    3. Kings a chisler the next bad result for us or something going against us or him watch for the squirrel stories being released. We get a bad result tomorrow watch for some obscure statement from King or the club within a couple of days you can read this conman like a book a just wish he would bolt pronto style as the debt us increasing on a daily basis the longer this so called business man is in charge of our famous club rant over.

    4. Scim and Scud

      If you are so desperate for King to go, at least acknowledge that he has put millions in to the club in order to buy control and explain who you want to buy him out. Or do you expect a man you think is a conman to just hand millions of pounds of shares and loans over to you, out of the goodness of his heart?

      Scim, you don't think our plauyers are good enough, where do you suggest the money will come from to get new ones? We are running at a loss, covered by King's money. What is your solution?

      Scud, the debt is increasing because we spend more than we earn. The debts are then guaranteed by King and his pals who then issue loans to pay them. these loans up to now have then been turned in to new shares. Hardly the actions of someone trying to rob us. What is your suggestion for getting rid of the debt? King's plan is to grow the income and lend money until he succeeds. Your plan may be better, but let's hear it before we decide.

  3. You are having a laugh . Ryan Jack was head and shoulders above every other Rangers player . Middleton and Morelos gave us nothing all night

  4. Cant complain, would have bitten someones hand off for this run in Europe in any previous season. Hopefully we get quality attacking players over the line in Jan, we desperately need them. Still think we got rid of Declan John way too early as well.

    1. I don't get your Declan John comment when Barasic was one of our best players on the night. John couldn't get a game with Cardiff before we signed him and now can't get a game with Swansea. If he isn't good enough for the English Championship how does that make him good enough for Rangers. I always thought he was decent going forward but was too lightweight for a defender. I assume Gerrard thought the same.

    2. He is a better LB than Halliday and Flannigan and Barisic has been out for the last 2 months and we have clearly struggled in that position, we cannot rely on one LB alone and John would have been an excellent backup to Barisic - But yeah it was an off tangent comment and not linked to the game last night.

  5. Agree mostly with your comments. I would give Arfield one of Middletons points and thought McCrorie and Jack were slightly better while Morelos wasn't quite that good.

  6. Jack was best player in the night or within a ballhair of it.
    Middleton worked hard but a lot of misplaced passes.
    Felt we would have been better with Halliday in middle ahead of Coulibaly, although also think we were lopsided without a second winger.
    Has SG lost faith in Grezda?
    All in all, a decent show, a massive improvement on last season and something to build on

  7. Did we ever expect to make it this far in Europe way back when the run start in early July? Absolutely not.
    Have we over achieved? Probably.
    Are we disappointed we didn't progress knowing we are probably a better team than Rapid and Moscow? Absolutely.
    Are we heading in the right direction? Definitely. Back in the European spotlight and the Gerrard name attracting bigger and better players.

    Regards ratings, pretty accurate.Slack passing was a common theme amongst both teams with the poor pitch mostly to blame. Bit harsh on Mccauley and Jack. I thought Jack played well when he was able to push up and press further up the pitch with mcrorie covering. Great to see Barisic back, solid return. Disappointed Grezda didn't start. Couldn't agree more about Coulibaly, he looks completely lost and needs dropped. Did Stevie Ger leave it too late to make his changes?

  8. Can't pick fault with our goalie our best player by far and the only consistent player we have in our team. The rest are cheating the fans so only the goalie gets pass marks for me

  9. It was a great campaign with more than we ever expected . There are a couple of glaring issues Young Middleton and Mc Crorie will have learned a fair bit from their participation but let's be honest they are young lads and are often exposed . We also need a ball player in the middle to bring it all together but we knew that anyway eh !! Let's concentrate on the League and Scottish Cup now and hope we can sign some decent players to continue our rebuilding. The club is going in the right direction even with ongoing hatred from the rest of the SPFL the SFA and everyone in Scottish football fans and clubs alike . WATP No One Likes Us we don't care
    It had a certain irony that the Rotten Mob should squeeze in the back door last night ...they are not invincible

    1. Listen mate sour grapes here with comments like that you sound like one of the beggers talking like that. They got through we did not and let's not kid ourselves on we would have took the same path as the tramps last night to go through last 32

  10. I think Gerrard should have played Lafferty, Grezda and Halliday(pains me to say Halliday, but he is better the Coulibaly) instead of Middleton, McCrorie and Coulibaly. We relentlessly gave the ball away time and time again. It was the Aberdeen and Dundee game all over. We should have beaten Rapid last night, but we were too negative and defensive! Gerrard said in his post interview that we had to "roll the dice" at the final stages, EH!!! We should have been seeking that goal from the first second!! We have a major problem in the final third! Again!!
    Gerrard cannot expect McCrorie to play at this level after being left out the side so long! Middleton is a one trek pony, I'd send him back to Murty, just not good enough yet at this level and we cannot afford passengers if we want to win the league!
    Gerrard changes the team far too much. We don't have continuity, cohesion, bottle, heart, urgency, skill or belief!! You know, all the ingredients required to be a Rangers player!!
    Opposition teams have us sussed! Like previous managers Warbuton, Murty and Pedro, Gerrard has no tactics/ideas to get round the oppositions parked bus! It's a crap tactic by the opposition, but its effective and taking points from us left, right and centre!
    January window is so vital this season, but Gerrard has been found wanting in the past 3 games. He needs to find the players with quality and ensure the Rangers jersey isn't too heavy for them!

  11. 20m for Morelos? What have you been smoking.
    I would take 6m for him. His disipldisc is shocking and he still hasn't learned the offside rule.
    He also needs about 5 good chances to get a goal.
    I think Ibrox noise will be in for a shock when we sell him. The manky mob didn't get 20m for dembele and he was the big name player in the country

    1. Morelos outscored Dembele who went for big money and probably has more to his game outside of scoring. Why shouldn't Morelos?

  12. Jack was our best player by a mile and should have top marks probably .I love Alfie but no way was he a 9 last night and Middleton was poor and gave the ball away repeatedly.Apart from Jack no-one was outstanding but until we had to change to look for a winner it was a good team performance and we were in control .We`ve rightly praised McGregor all season but he has to be criticised for the kick out that cost the goal. His kicking has been poor all season and if it was Fods he would be getting slated for it .

    1. Exactly right pal. IN should be marking THE MATCH - not the season so far. Often make comments about SG having favourites- so does IN. Some they love (McGregor) and some they hate (Tav). Not quite sure how the former scored better than the latter last night.....

    2. It would be very harsh to criticise the goalkeeper for a poor kick after the way he has performed this season, e.g. many on here will say correctly that Jack had a good game but don't mention that he had some passes that went astray.

  13. I totally agree that we have done well to get to this stage of Europa Cup however to get down to a final match against a team that were quite clearly very beatable (albeit away from home) it should have been a guts and thunder performance as opposed to the very expected and very predictable "lets keep this tight until last 20 minutes" game plan that was always doomed to failure. I applaud the overall effort and progression but feel it was an opportunity missed.

    1. When we did open up in the last 20 minutes we got caught with a breakaway. To me that suggests the tactics were reasonable.


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