A quick word on Leigh Griffiths


We’re not usually one to discuss events at Parkhead, but we spare a thought for Leigh Griffiths and his current time out of the game to recover from mental health problems.

One in three in the UK have some form of psychological trauma, from anxiety, to PTSD, to bi-polar to depression, and it has been a stigma and taboo in our society to suffer from it, as if mental health issues are a phantom and not as serious as physical health ailments.

We obviously, from a football point of view, have no support for Griffiths, and he’s not exactly completely behaved himself towards Rangers, but as a person mental health problems are no laughing matter and we hope he gets the help he needs.

Rangers fans are only too well aware of the problems of mental health stigma, with our very own Paul Gascoigne suffering a life of alcoholism and currently on trial for sexual assault – his demons have been there for everyone to see, and football is swept aside on these occasions and we want no one in the abyss of this troubling affliction.

For anyone reading this who has any kind of mental issue they seek help for, please contact seeme at https://www.seemescotland.org/


  1. I'd like to wish the boy all the best and a speedy recovery he's a great player for club and country,i know celtic will miss him,
    All the best LG

  2. I'm sure as a player who has performed well in our league he will get all the help and support he needs from the football authorities….unlike Gazza who they humiliated and kicked when he was down. Gazza did play for us I suppose!

  3. Fuck him !where is all the support for Gazza in the Scottish media same with Pena, is the sympathy just for smellic players and rip the cunt of our players,i heard griffeses problems are due to gambling addiction,is addiction a mental health problem ???…No Surrender…

    • Yes, Max, it is. And just because they didn't give us support, doesn't mean we should sink to that level. We're better than that.

    • You’ve completely let yourself down Max123. You have failed to understand the difference between football rivalry/ tribalism and a serious illness.
      This isn’t football. It’s life. We are Rangers and we are above that. We act with integrity, we sympathise with those less fortunate, we show passion to all people and our sincerity has no division regardless what team they support or play for. The man is ill and we should wish him well and a speedy recovery. I certainly do.
      Well said IN.

  4. As Stevie correctly pointed out, GAZZA was NATIONALLY humiliated by SCOTTISH FOOTBALL AND TOM ENGLISH (SEND HIM HOME)

    But we are NOT Celtic, SFA, SPFL or The Media Scum. So with dignity we SHOULD support any human in need of reasonable assistance, and I for one will.

    Home he returns fit and able.

  5. Class post IN. Nice to see us put football aside for one minute and realise were are all human,even it is is LG.

  6. good on most of you people for this. so many of us suffer,or know people who suffer from mental health problems. hell mend anyone who has no sympatjy or empathy.

  7. We are all God's children, each with our own demons. I focus only on The Famous and agree with the heartfelt support for a fellow human.

  8. well said. in football terms hes a cunt but off the park hes a person who.needs help. all the.best to him.

  9. On these occasions we put our colours to one side, see a human being who is suffering from problems, which could effect anyone. Some of the hatred shown is unforgivablely wrong. Show our class, show respect.

  10. Good post, mental health is no laughing matter. But according to SFA rules (cf. Paul Gascoigne, 2018), does this disqualify him from the SFA Hall of Fame?

  11. Gazza played In Scotland for 2 years and anyo be put in the Scottish Hall of Fame should be there because of achievements in Scotland. Scott Sinclair has a better goal/assist record than gazza. We going to put Virgil Van Dyke in there if he wins the CL with Liverpool, nor captains the Netherlands to the World Cup? Of course not, because he was in Scotland for only a short time.

    Also let's not forget that Gaza's admitted beating his wife, was done for racism, was done for assault, was done for harassment and is charged with sexual assualt. His mental illness is sad and he needs supoort, but hes also done some pretty awful things as a person.

    Well done to IN for recognition of people above footballers.

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