A huge FA Cup match for Rangers is underway…

A huge FA Cup match for Rangers is underway…

Today’s FA cup clash between Scunthorpe and Shrewsbury, under normal circumstances, wouldn’t have merited much attention from fans of Rangers, with these two clubs being distant members of England’s League One.

But this time the match up has two massive suplots – two of the most in-form Rangers loanees in Shrewsbury’s Greg Docherty and Scunthorpe’s Jak Alnwick.

To say these two have lit up England’s third tier is putting it mildly, and Docherty especially has been a complete standout for the Shrews with, especially, an absolutely belting solo goal recently.

Meanwhile Jak Alnwick between Scunthorpe’s sticks has managed a couple of clean sheets in 13, which isn’t bad for a side languishing at the effective foot of the table, and we are most definitely in favour of his return as our number two in the near future.

Joe Dodoo is the other in-form loan player doing well at the seaside in Blackpool, but his side crashed and burned against non-league Solihull recently in this tournament and have to replay their tie later this month.

But it’s watching Docherty up against Alnwick which is the most intriguing story of the day, and KO at New Meadow is bang on at the end of today’s visit of these players’ parent side to Edinburgh. Or about ‘now’, in real time.

We wish both players luck but we do reckon Shrewsbury are stronger for this one and Docherty would have bragging rights for the rest of his life if he puts one past his team mate.

We’ll have reaction to today’s win v Hearts over the course of the day as well, of course.

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  1. Goalies
    McGregor as No.1
    Alnwick as No.2

    …Sell Foderingham back down South

    And then when McGregor Retires in 2yrs or so, Buy Back Liam Kelly and have Him and Alnwick Fighting for The Jersey but keep Mcgregor at The Club as a Mentor to the younger GKs

    Greg Docherty … 😍💙
    Can Definitely Run our Midfield for the next 10years! 💪
    Absolute Future Rangers Captain!

    For the No.10 Vancancy id take Ferguson from the Sheep

    Sell Dodoo South
    Also Young Shankland might be worth a Wee Punt 🤔 – Send Hardie Other Way?

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