Wednesday, 26 December 2018

"A bit of a bombscare" - is this fair?

With another Hibs draw again, it is worth having a quick assessment of this infamous December so far.

As we all know, this was crunch time, the month that would make or break this Rangers team and manager.

We had Aberdeen, Hearts, St Johnstone, two helpings of Hibs and Celtic, and this truly was the litmus test that would tell us how serious Gerrard and his management was.

Well, so far it’s been at best a mixed bag which kind of sums up the rest of the season so far.

Three wins of eight and three draws. His overall win record for this month is well below 50% and for the season just about scrapes it exactly.

Where do we go with this? What do we do with it? Pedro was 51.85% at Ibrox while Graeme Murty was a staggering 62.07%.

Quite literally Gerrard, purely by numbers, is certainly doing no better than either of those two, but if we take away the European run it’s 13 wins in 23, with Europe something neither of Murty or Pedro had to really contend with.

Currently the team sits second, with two wins in a row before today’s draw. Scoring has been a dreadful problem recently, and most of our play has been painful too.

But quite honestly assessing where the team and manager are is proving to be much more difficult than black and white.

Perhaps we will have a better understanding come the end of this month, but frankly we’re unconvinced by that.

It feels like Gerrard and the team take steps forwards, but then undermine them. The team improves, then deteriorates.

Perhaps the best to describe us right now is the fluctuating nature of our form, management and results. One minute it flirts with competence, the next it’s struggling against St Johnstone and dropping yet more points to Neil Lennon.

Player management is starting to become a bit of a bombscare at times – for players who have thrived under Gerrard (McGregor, Jack, Arfield and Morelos) there seems to be more who aren’t (Katic, Wallace, Coulibaly, Ejaria, Flanagan, Halliday, Sadiq, and Worrall).

And the more our manager slates his players for poor performances or praises them to the hilt for half decent ones the more bipolar it looks – he’s the boss and he is supposed to maintain balance.

We can’t say he’s doing that much at all, frankly.

We’ll have more analysis in due course but right now it’s all very middle of the road, despite being second.

How are you all feeling about it?

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