Wednesday, 7 November 2018

Three+ Rangers January exits possible - Sadiq is only one...

After Ibrox Noise awarded the signing of Umar Sadiq a pathetic 2 out of 10 this morning, it does seem that Steven Gerrard agrees and the Nigerian’s loan deal is set to be ended early, with a January return to his parent Roma looking a strong certainty.

The colossal striker failed to settle in Scotland on any level it would have to be said, and while his performance at Hampden wasn’t exactly disgraceful (far from it in fact), this would have to be classed as a true failure of a signature every inch as feeble as Dalcio.

Every manager, no matter how good they are, is guilty of a turkey or two. Even the Grand Master Uncle Walter signed several absolute mares, such as Basile Boli, Daniel Prodan, and Gary Bollan.

But we’d have to concede that none of the above come close to either Dalcio or Sadiq, and the latter really has been a bad blot on Stevie’s summer copybook.

Eros Grezda, at this time, is looking worryingly similar. Barely a game played in anger, this big-money capture is of course our own player so sending him on his way isn’t as easy as it with Sadiq, but equally the Albanian has struggled so badly and looks unfit, unhappy, and his miss in the final second against Killie rather summed up mentally where he is.

Fans have reacted with some mild outrage at us daring to diss the ex-Osijek man, saying it’s early days and how can we judge him so fast. Well, that is the problem – not only is it NOT early days (he’s been at Ibrox since September) but in all that time we’ve had even less from him than we’ve had from Sadiq.

We thought we had an international-quality winger who would torment defences – so far all we’ve had is him tormenting our treatment table.

And as we covered earlier, McAllister may have already suggested why this is, but for now, Umar Sadiq does appear to be on his merry way, and following reports that forgotten failure Eduardo Herrera may have his deal terminated as well, Rangers are looking at two and maybe three or more exits already planned in January.

We have nothing against Sadiq, for what it’s worth, and indeed had high hopes for his arrival – but it’s been a dead rubber.

If he does indeed leave, as the Express claims, he will go with our best wishes. It just didn’t work.

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