The Gerrard selection that divides Rangers fans


Ok, we’ve been promising this piece for a while now, despite effectively covering the topic more than once.

We call it “The Great Joe Worrall and Nikola Katic Chaos”. Rolls off the tongue a little, right?

More and more of our readers are wound up by the repeated presence of Worrall in Steven Gerrard’s XI these days and aren’t afraid to bring it up with us.

So here we are.

Let’s look at the known facts – Steven Gerrard’s first announcement as Rangers manager was that he’d shore up the defence. And indeed three of the earliest signings were Allan McGregor, Connor Goldson and Nikola Katic.

He definitely sorted out our goalkeeper, and in an EPL-standard defender and Croatian international, appeared to have fixed the back too.

Proof, though, was in the pudding. And they delivered. Eight goals conceded in 14 matches in ALL competitions. Including eight Europa League legs.

New loan signing Joe Worrall was then inexplicably introduced for the trip to Spain. Now, it would be wrong to say the goals conceded have started flowing – but the results and performances have drained.

And fans are at a loss to understand why he’s partnering Goldson now.

Katic was not perfect – he’s a 21-year old stopper learning his trade still – defence requires much more learning and tutoring than other positions, given it’s the most crucial part of the team. But he put his body into the hurt, he defended doggedly, and he did the brute force stuff leaving Goldson to do the composed side of rearguard action.

In short, it was a duo that worked – Katic made some mistakes, but had firmly established himself as a fan-favourite.

Joe Worrall has been first choice since that journey to Villarreal – that’s nine matches now, including the one time he paired with Katic v Ayr and obviously excluding Hamilton. And Katic has been peripheral bar the inexplicable start on 3G at aforementioned New Douglas Park, where he had a nightmare on a surface he has publicly decried.

Worrall has never been favoured by supporters, with a loose, Karl Svensson-esque style of not looking like a defender we can trust.

There is a part of us which wonders if there’s been a fallout between Katic and Gerrard, and there’s a further very dodgy theory we have but we’ll not go public with that one.

Either way, it’s in Rangers’ best interests to have our best defenders in. And we’d be surprised if anyone thinks Worrall is one of them.

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  1. Like everyone else who has voted so far, I would prefer Katic as long as he is performing at the level of his early season form. But what we don't know, is the extent of his injury which caused him to withdraw from the Croatia under 21 squad early October. If he had suffered a injury, that might explain the surprising choice of Katic in Spain and in subsequent games. He did get the nod against Hamilton, had a shocking game but no wonder on that pitch. Lets hope he gets the nod tomorrow against St Mirren!

  2. I voted katic, he was looking like a great signing, he needed a rest but he should have been put back in the team before now. However, I do like worral, I think he gets alot of unwarranted abuse, remember he's still very young aswell. He would put his head in front of a bus if need be! But, he's a loan player, Katic is ours! Let's play and develop katic into the next cuelllar! – I'd bet he plays tomorrow!

  3. Players we own ahead of loans, other things being equal as they are in this instance.
    Don't know why he had a mare against Hamilton but unless there is something we don't know about, time to bring him vacj

  4. Sorry to even give him airtime but as we have all been called out as racists can a piece be done on the arse hole Neil Lennon? Had lots of fun laughing at his antics down in England the last couple days but he’s now playing the victim. Not having it. Going on about how he never got any grief in England well believe me if Leicester (massive Muslim community) flew the Pakistan flag and sung about isis he would have got grief. Absolutely fuming with his latest smokescreen to disguise the fact that he just an absolute prick. And yes I have met him unfortunately

  5. Katic for me any day of the week.
    Worth remembering that he's a decent goal threat too. In his short spell with us he's proved that already.
    WTF is the point in playing an inferior loanee over Katic?

  6. As I've mentioned previously, i don't think there's much between them defensively. For me though Katic edges it, the pairing goldson appeared to be better, he's a Goal threat & he's our player

  7. Worrral before a rangers player again what is Steve g thinking about worral about as quick as a wkend in the cells glad to see Flanagan dropped been having a nightmare lately

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