Steven Gerrard makes surprising admission about summer signings


Following Ibrox Noise’s piece this morning regarding our summer targets not necessarily being of the highest calibre throughout, with many being surplus at their old/current clubs, the boss has backed this up by confirming that many of the players he brought in came because they weren’t playing at their present clubs and were frustrated.

In a strange concession, Gerrard said to the Sun:

“This is the reason the players have come to play as many games as they can — because they’ve been frustrated at other clubs or haven’t been able to get a breakthrough.”

It’s another slightly worrying quote from the manager – he is clearly stating they have not come to Rangers because of Rangers, or himself, or our European carrot, but instead is testifying that they only came here to get minutes.

This is Rangers’ manager conceding the bulk of players we can get are those other clubs don’t want. Now, this doesn’t cover Katic, Grezda and Barisic who were regulars for their Croatian clubs last season and cost a combined total of £6M, but it is a bit odd that the manager would slightly undermine the club by suggesting most of the new recruits were out of favour, wherever they were.

You could argue he is stating facts, and we suppose it also vindicates our earlier piece which argues that right now we don’t have the same pull as we used to and aren’t as good as we were.

But, it’s never nice hearing it from the manager!


  1. Ibrox noise this seems to back up what I have said before. We have took players on loan from other clubs Liverpool being one of them to give these players game which seems to be must hence loaned players getting a game before our own players we bought very frustrating if that's the case. So what was the point in us being out that transfer cash for players to sit on the bench meanwhile we develope other teams players for them at our expense.

    • Scud, these players have earned us £10 million through Europe, so have paid for our purchases.
      We cannot compete with Championship clubs when it comes to transfers and wages, never mind Premiership. That is life, we just have to accept we cannot buy players that Premiership clubs want to keep. I am astonished that anybody thought we could. If man Utd want to keep Pogba, he is not coming to Ibrox. This is not a shock to me.

    • Scotswhahea my point was we have bought our own players but don't play them but play the loaned players instead because we are more or less told to by their parent club. We stability with players to go forward how can we do this when the loaned players who play from the start most games go back to their parent club and then we are away back to the start to put a team out there week in week out only for loaned players again to step back in upset the consistency of the team that's my take on it.

    • scud there loanees also keeping jack, mcrorie out the team because gerrard signed them ,jack mcrorie also put in a shift in european games dont forget ,but have been treated unfairly in my opinion ,the real rangers players arenot getting a fair crack ,look at docherty treated like barry white .

    • Spot on Stevie exactly my take on it as well after all we are rangers and we should be able to spend big on players and I mean BIG remember the chisler and his 50 million quid promise where is it.We have a better chance of seeing the invisible man than Kings 50 million

    • Spot on Stevie exactly my take on it as well after all we are rangers and we should be able to spend big on players and I mean BIG remember the chisler and his 50 million quid promise where is it.We have a better chance of seeing the invisible man than Kings 50 million

  2. Calm down guys, nothing wrong with rebuilding the team the way it is going. We have went on a run in Europe that none of us thought we would have with these players, they have worn the shirt for us and done us proud most of the time. SG got it spot on the other night when hr said we are up against players with more experience than us but we will improve. I though of tgese European games as big game learning for our players to cover the big games in the league anything we get more than that is a bonus👍🔴⚪🔵

  3. i dont think we have improved much from last year ,the best players are pedros ,lets face it gerrards signings have been horrendous ,just as well half are loan players ,between pedro and gerrard they have made huge mistakes with players they have signed ,both know nothing about scottish football i think thats where king has went wrong .we need men on the park not boys players who are going to get stuck in. i dont believe you need years to get it right on the park look what weve got training facilities ,stadium ,fan base ,we should be far to strong for the rest ,afraid ,it s down to managers nothing else ,

  4. IN I'm astonished that you're only just realising that we don't have the same pull that we used to. Those days went with Dick Advocaat and will NEVER return.
    Do you really believe if Connor Goldson was a regular at Brighton in the EPL he would ever have considered a move to Rangers. And like it or not loan players are an essential part of our team building because we simply can't afford to go and buy all the players we need.

    • Loan Players are an important part of Rangers right now, they get Euro games and get full games in the domestic games. There is less financial risk and it helps Rangers move forward.

  5. Love it when someone says our Europa run is already worth £10M, at the sametime it has cost us nothing in loan signings and we have actually paid for our new signings (circa £6M) also from our Europa run, totally deluded. Ask for a quarterly balance sheet up date, well most legitimate organisations produce them, if the facts stated by some are accurate, we will have reduced our annual loss (supposedly £14M last year) to a first quarter profit of around £4M. We are beginning to believe in guff again, shades of our many recent managers J

    • Unknown, if you want to be taken seriously, identify yourself
      But, as you are here, I don't understand your first sentence. A loss of £14 million moving to a profit of £4 million would need a Europa run of £18 million, not £10 million. I am afraid your numbers are guff
      50,000 fans at £105 is over £5 million. Add 4 home matches in qualifiers at 50,000 and TV money, then hospitality, programme and food sales, sponsorship, TV money and Uefa money for points won, we are certainly talking in excess of £10 million. Ticket sales alone total over £9 million.
      If you can back up any of your arguments, please feel free to do so

  6. As Brutal as it is to Hear SG say it, It is just the manager being Realistic!

    We made a loss of £14m!
    We are only just starting to get back on our feet really…
    We cant afford to go out and spend £5-6m on one Player!

    We have to Shop A Bit Lower down the Chain.
    We have to fiddle with Loans

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