Saturday, 10 November 2018

Steven Gerrard makes surprising admission about summer signings

Following Ibrox Noise’s piece this morning regarding our summer targets not necessarily being of the highest calibre throughout, with many being surplus at their old/current clubs, the boss has backed this up by confirming that many of the players he brought in came because they weren’t playing at their present clubs and were frustrated.

In a strange concession, Gerrard said to the Sun:

“This is the reason the players have come to play as many games as they can — because they’ve been frustrated at other clubs or haven’t been able to get a breakthrough.”

It’s another slightly worrying quote from the manager – he is clearly stating they have not come to Rangers because of Rangers, or himself, or our European carrot, but instead is testifying that they only came here to get minutes.

This is Rangers’ manager conceding the bulk of players we can get are those other clubs don’t want. Now, this doesn’t cover Katic, Grezda and Barisic who were regulars for their Croatian clubs last season and cost a combined total of £6M, but it is a bit odd that the manager would slightly undermine the club by suggesting most of the new recruits were out of favour, wherever they were.

You could argue he is stating facts, and we suppose it also vindicates our earlier piece which argues that right now we don’t have the same pull as we used to and aren’t as good as we were.

But, it’s never nice hearing it from the manager!
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