Wednesday, 28 November 2018

Steven Gerrard linked with stunning move for football superstar

Rangers have today tentatively been shock linked with football superstar Ashley Cole after the former England international was freed by Roma.

The ex-Arsenal left back, who genuinely could be considered ‘world class’, is of course a former England team mate of Steven Gerrard, with odds currently standing at 14/1 of the defender making the stunning Bosman move to Govan.

The favourites are, predictably, the moneybags of USA and China’s respectively top flight leagues, but Aston Villa are also strongly in there and West Ham have a chance too.

The likelihood of Cole choosing rainy Glasgow on modest wages over the sunny climes of USA are borderline zero, but crazier things have happened (think Joey Barton) so we may still see a shock.

Ex-Arsenal Sky Sports pundit Ray Parlour reckons it would be a great move, and even we at Ibrox Noise would concede a 37-year old Ashley Cole is still pretty much better than anything else in that position in the SPL.

But whether this slightly implausible move can happen is another matter.


  1. It's Xmas time and crazier things have happened - they are pals, after all. I wonder how far this will go??

  2. Linked? No, just some pundit has mentioned him and as he's been released, pointless and no good to taking us forward,be total waste of a wage

  3. Get Him Signed Up!
    Mans Still a Class Full-Back! 👌

  4. Nah to old for me just looking to top up his pension. But it is funny season and it will be interesting to see who the scum scottish press link us with next. They right on my nerves when they link us with people we know we won't get. The best is it is put out there without a name to who wrote the article it's always by an online reporter. This is so us bears can't call them out on it.

  5. Thank you, no. We ask our Full backs to get up and down the pitch, at pace, for 90 minutes. Seems a big ask for a 37 year old. Suppose we could try and develop him then sell him on at a profit - then again, maybe no

  6. Can't see that happening. He'll want his retirement poppy.

  7. He was released by LA Galaxy then 2 days later he was offered a new contract !.where would you rather play Glasgow or LA ?....No Surrender...


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