Sunday, 25 November 2018

Steven Gerrard has shocked Rangers fans again

As has now become a new Steven Gerrard tradition, there was yet another shock in store for Rangers fans yesterday on seeing the starting XI announced from club channels.

As we’ve discussed on Ibrox Noise, Stevie has a new tendency to make a shock selection almost every domestic match going all the way back to Jordan Rossiter’s stunning return at Hamilton in October.

After him it was Sadiq at Hampden v Aberdeen, Foderingham v Killie, Grezda v St Mirren and Middleton v Motherwell before yesterday’s shock news went the other way and saw Alfredo Morelos benched.

If we’re being less strict, we could point to Katic starting v Motherwell, and Grezda holding his place following his poor display in Paisley, plus yesterday’s complete absence of Katic, and Grezda losing his place following his excellent showing v Motherwell.

But nevertheless, Stevie, right now, is definitely getting results as a result of what seems like shock tactics and apparently unnecessary chopping and changing.

We can’t remember the last time the defence was the same four in a row, and attack too is altering by match.

But while most of us hate rotation, and these shock individual selections (Wallace any time soon anyone?) do seem stark, as long as the side is getting the results it’s completely justified.

Indeed, the only domestic side to take points from us recently is Killie last month, and we must admit November has been a very strong month in terms of home-based performance.

Are we sold completely on Stevie – like anyone else we can only judge what we see, and with 15 wins of 28 overall it’s a bit patchy, but it is now 8 wins of 13 in the league with three wins in a row.

So it could be going in the right direction, and we sure want it to, but we’ll also try to remain calm as we can.

But this is football, so fat chance!


  1. I will not be totally happy till we win the title
    But at less I can look at the table with out crying 😪

  2. First of all we have many big games coming along in the next few weeks, why not use the squad, we seem well some of us questing the managers judgment.The manager and his team have improved the squad 100% to what he was left with sure some players don't always work out , but overall we are in a far better place than we were last season or even the last few seasons. As a club we are going forward at last both on and off the field so let's give our manager some breathing space to get on with his job.

  3. The man needs time, and only 2 points behind!!

  4. Eh? Really?? Of course he is chopping and changing, good! We have an extremely busy schedule coming up, one we have not experienced in many years! What is Alfredo got injured against Livingston? With Villareal coming up.. I'd have killed myself.
    I'm behind Stevie, he's learning fast! I reckon Rossiter is being saved for the hearts game coming up.. we are really, going to need rotation

  5. I agree about the need for rotation. We have too many games for any one player except the goalie. Fortunately we have options in all positions except Striker and I expect that to be fixed on January 1st ( Yes Mark Allen, we are looking at you - get Halkett on a pre-contract while you are at it)
    It's beginning to look a lot like the journey is coming to an end. This year, next year? Don't know. But I have faith in SG!!

  6. The next few games are massive for us. If he takes full points on all these games leading up to Celtic but we get skelped from them again which is probable I want him sacked. It's as if we shit our pants when we face them and another hammering like the 5 ONE game last season where they tattood our arses to the ground Stevie G has to go.

    1. It's like we haven't beat them for so long, now they have a psychological block. Better, beat Ceptic at least once, this season.

    2. Ridiculous statement wanting Gerrard sacked. Who do you think can do a better job? And we won't win every game up to the Ceptic game, and probably not beat Ceptic either, but I still put my faith and trust in the manager. We are better than we've been at any time since 2012 and anyone who can't see that must have another agenda.

  7. I think he's only put Alfredo on for half an hour, to keep him fresh, for the game on Thursday. Lafferty is winding me up, atm. Hearts last season, he was a goal machine. Comes to Rangers, lack-lustre. He better get his head back, in the game. KL can score goals and assist and we all, know it. Sick of buying players who are on fire, at their last clubs, come to Rangers...nothing? I mean, what's that all about??

  8. As Vin Diesel said in the First Fast Movie

    'It dont matter if its by an inch or a mile Winning is Winning'

    Lets Fucking Gooooo! 💪


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