Monday, 12 November 2018

Steven Gerrard has revealed the truth about summer signing

Steven Gerrard has discussed for the first time star defender Connor Goldson’s current health complications, with a concession that the ex-Brighton man has been suffering with chest pains.

The 25-year old stopper has seen a dip in form over the past month, possibly in part from a lack of rest, but his torso issues have become a slight worry and a problem as well and he was left out of yesterday’s thumping of Motherwell.

Thankfully these issues don’t appear to be related in any way to the actual surgery he underwent to cure heart problems in recent years, being cited instead as some kind of temporary illness, but it’s evidently been enough to be a cause of his loss of form and he’s been said as playing through the pain barrier.

It goes without saying that health comes first, and if Goldson has been having health problems club doctors and the best medical staff will be able to help him get the care he needs, and we wish him the best of health.

For now, it is best that Gareth McAuley, Joe Worrall and Nikola Katic fill in with full defensive duty in Goldson’s absence.

That all said, we are certainly curious as to what Goldson’s illness actually is, and worry that it may be related to his earlier concerns after all.

But hopefully not – and Steven Gerrard has the cover at the back to deal with it – expect to see a lot more of Gareth McAuley from here on in.

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