Tuesday, 27 November 2018

Steven Gerrard 'confirms' Rangers man's career is over

Steven Gerrard has confirmed today, despite Rangers’ fans wishes, that Lee Wallace will not play for him unless all his rivals get injured or suspended.

At today’s AGM, Rangers’ manager addressed the issue of Wallace’s treatment, and defended the club’s position and handling of the fallout, and equally stated that he has ‘better options’ for left back, meaning Ibrox Noise’s poll which saw 87% of fans wanting the ex-captain back in the side will not see fruition.

Gerrard said:

“I have to pay my respects to Lee in terms of his professionalism while he’s been injured and the hard work he’s put in trying to get match fit. But at the moment, to be really candid, he’s still part of the plans while he’s here but I have better options in that position."

So, it is Gerrard’s contention that Halliday and Flanagan are better options despite neither being a left back.

We really do wonder if club politics are in play here – few could make a claim with a straight face that Andy Halliday is a better left back than Lee Wallace, and even Jon Flanagan struggles to convince that he is.

Barisic of course probably (hopefully) is but he’s only one man and Gerrard referred to plural options.

But it’s now become crystal clear that Lee Wallace’s Rangers career is over.

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