Scotland’s shame – how hate took over

Scotland’s shame – how hate took over

A lot of readers have raised the coin incident from the weekend with us. It comes fast after the similar disgrace at Tynecastle.

And we have to look at ourselves and ask why this is happening.

True, this shameful activity has always been a problem – it’s the very reason Old Firm games no longer start a minute later than 12:30 in the afternoon now, and are often even earlier. We all know the deep-lying social reason for this so we shan’t discuss it here, but seeing such crude and vile acts rearing their ugly heads again has left a sinking feeling in the stomach and a horrid taste in the mouth.

To sum up – at Tynecastle Neil Lennon was struck by a coin as he goaded the home fans. Let’s be clear – he goaded them, badly, and then played the victim as if he was a complete innocent. He wasn’t, and never has been an innocent – so in no way will we defend the many acts of provocation he’s committed over the years.

However, whoever that moron who threw the coin at him was is a product of what is endemically wrong with society today – bitterness and hate and the worryingly growing desire to hurt people caused in part by political developments both here and elsewhere. Society is horribly fractured by its differing beliefs.

Then it happened at St Mirren – Morelos was similarly struck by some ned who wanted to look cool in front of his mates.

There’s no condoning these acts – despite Lennon’s feisty nature, no one should have any defence of the idiot who threw the coin, and while Morelos wound up the home fans by running to them and similarly goading them, anyone justifying the throwing of a missile at him needs to re-evaluate their morals and ethics.

Let’s be clear – both of them were guilty of provocation – but respond in kind – gesture, swear. It’s a sport. Throwing projectiles and trying to harm the player or manager is completely unacceptable.

Fans give these guys stick the entire match – keep doing that, it’s what football is about. They’re going to respond themselves now and then. But throwing objects at them which could cause serious injury is a direction we must not go in.

Or have we already…

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  1. Slightly off topic but has anyone else noticed that for the last 10 years Celtic have only had one home match over Remembrance Weekend? 9 away matches and 1 home game…

    I thought fixtures were randomly generated but maybe Lawwell pulls strings here too…

    If we want to eliminate hate from our game we cannot pander to any group…

    • lol you prick talk about pandering to any group, it means Rangers have had 9 home games so you can milk it for all it's worth lets face it you have nothing else to look forward to, you mouth breathing knuckle dragging brainless moron btw are you taking Stevie G to Linfield for your yearly hate fest it's so bad you's are afraid to televise it.

    • It’s a valid point shocked. Singing stick your poppy up your arse sort of proves it. The only thing I’m shocked about is your sort comments being available on here. If that’s your opinion join the league of Ireland?

    • Sorry Shug to let you down, but I actually were a poppy for the men who died to give us our independence and the lifestyle we choose to live. Also only on here because of headline was interested on how everybody comments on these mindless attacks (Lennon/Morelas)

    • It's "wear" not "were" Shocked. Maybe a wee bit less indoctrination at school would've helped your English.

  2. No place for that shit in football full stop. would the bams do it face 2 face? no, crowd mentality. my only concern lennon's comments is that rodgers has a similar background but conducts himself differently.I was yards from lennon when he opted to spit on rangers scarf with venom. never in my time havei wtnessed a rangers player act with such hatred in my 40 plus years of old firm games.

    • Add Martin O'Neil to that too, he never received physical violence on touchline so it's too big an assumption to say its racist or sectarian (only the coin thrower can answer)

    • Was it racism that caused Alan Shearer to boot Lennon's head when he played for Leicester. No! It was because Lennon is a wee ginger prick!!! Or is that gingerism?

  3. Yes it needs to stop before someone is injured,but the little rocket man needs to stop it too so many times he could have caused a riot at games with his stupid chiildish over reactions the 3-3 game springs to mind with the aer lingus impression on the pitch and game was not even finished idiot✈

    Stamp this shite out now

    WATP LETS GO 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧

  4. Interesting info there about Lennon Scooby. Didn't know he was like that and I often wondered why MON and BR, who have exactly the same background, never attracted the same animosity. In any event nothing justifies physical attack.

    • Yes, this is true about Lennon. He was also caught on camera yelling DOB at Rangers fans. He is absolutely no innocent. But we will never condone the violent responses.

  5. Lennon the victim, went down as if a sniper shot him, it bounced off his chest, not popcorn teeth's face, he should've been sent to the stand for diving, l don't condone it under any circumstances but Lennon is going to cause a real riot and blame everybody else as always, as people have said, Big Brenda or Martin O'Neill never acted like that

  6. Absolute Disgrace!
    Need to find these Idiots

    …Only Problem is that it will get worse before it gets better.

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