Rumour mill: Rangers back in for England international


Ok we thought it was about time we discussed this one, as the name has been resurfacing again both online, from sources, and even in the press.

According to the wire, Rangers are to make serious moves in January to secure a loan deal for Liverpool striker Dominic Solanke, with the 21-year old England cap completely out of favour at Anfield and struggling to get game time even with the youths.

He did manage a place on the bench in the league cup loss v Chelsea, but otherwise Solanke is one Steven Gerrard is said to really be interested in trying to secure initially till the end of the season.

The Sun claims he faces strong competition from Crystal Palace and West Ham, which are obviously two Premier League sides, but could the lure of game time and the management of Gerrard be strong enough to make Solanke come north instead.

The Gerrard factor probably hasn’t been quite as box office in terms of incoming as perhaps fans expected, with a number of key summer targets choosing elsewhere such as Harry Wilson, but nevertheless the rules do change a touch in January.

Solanke has been on Rangers’ radar for a very long time now, but like Ryan Kent and Harry Wilson, struggles to make any impression on Liverpool’s world-famous forward line – question is would Palace or West Ham be more likely to pick him? If Harry Wilson couldn’t even get a loan deal to an EPL side, we’d be surprised if Solanke could.

Nevertheless, the talented striker is at an age now he needs to start making an impact, and if Rangers and Steven Gerrard do take their interest in him further, he may just be tempted to make the switch.


  1. Really another loaned player from Liverpool when are we going get a team we can call our own players. These players need to go back to their parent club and we have to start all over again not good enough trial and error does not work for me to dangerous a game.

  2. I Think we've lost our chance,Crystal Palace are crying out for a goal scorer,West Hams Manual Pelegrini has been talking him up for the last few days, both these teams as you said play in the premier league so why would Klopp send him up to our Mickey mouse league against thugs who would think nothing about trying to break the boys legs,look what happened to young Dapo at the weekend against motherwell,fuck he was only on for about 5 minutes,playing in the premier league he would be up against some of the best players in the world…No Surrender…

  3. YES!!
    Solanke would Tear The SPL Apart! 😀💪

    If we had him for a full season he would get 25-30 goals Easy!

    And He cant be any Worse than Sadiq 😂😂😂

    • Not being any worse than Sadiq isn't much of a recommendation. I don't know where you get to see him play on a regular basis but I know nothing about him. Maybe you can share with the rest of us what his attributes are and what he would bring to Rangers. Saying he will score 25-30 goals a season doesn't really cut it. It worries me that's he not getting a game at any level at Liverpool.

  4. Stevo926 have you been on the buckie or smoking they funny fags again no chance would he get 25 to 30 goals.So takes a powder for him to get a game.Another of our own players we paid cash for to play a loaned player again from Liverpool how many more do want from Liverpool.Before you know it you will be wanting Klopp on loan to manage a couple of games for us.

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