Revealed: the possible truth as to why Eros Grezda is struggling

Revealed: the possible truth as to why Eros Grezda is struggling

While Rangers fans have been undeniably disappointed by Eros Grezda’s start to life at Ibrox, assistant manager Gary McAllister has shed light on what may, surprisingly, be the real reason the Albanian winger is struggling to cope with his new career in Scotland.

While it is true that the ex-Osijek attacker is still recovering from injury sustained in May, and this may certainly be affecting his performances to a significant degree, G-Mac hinted at a further, deeper and even more worrying issue for a footballer to be suffering from in the modern era: stagefright.

He said:

“When he played at Osijek, the thing that stands out when you watch them play there, there was nobody there! Nobody watching. All of a sudden he’s coming to a place where there’s 55,000. It’s different.”

What McAllister is suggesting is Grezda is mentally struggling to cope with the demands of playing in front of thousands of people rather than the modest at best crowds he was used to in Croatia, and this is a surreal weakness for a footballer to have.

Usually the identikit model for players is to thrive on the big crowds – the more people watching, the bigger the buzz, and the bigger the performance. Grezda’s entire career has been in the Eastern Bloc, be it Croatia or Slovenia, and these aren’t exactly regarded as hotbeds for massive crowds and arenas.

Here he now is at Ibrox and if McAllister is to be fully understood, he is crumbling under the weight of expectation.

Gerrard’s number one did also mention that the lad looks more confident around Auchenhowie and plays in training with a greater ‘swagger’ than he did, but there’s quite a difference having confidence at the Hummel Training Centre to having it in front of 50,000+ fans at Ibrox.

If this truly is why Grezda is struggling, he needs a sports psychologist and quickly.

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  1. Lets give the player some game time before we start talking about getting rid,he hasn't played one 90 minute game ffs.

  2. Why is Gary Mac mentioning 55000 at our ground the last count was 50000 did not realise we had put an extra 5000 seats in the stadium .I know there have been improvements but I think Gary is taking the piss slightly .

    • Genuine factual error from Gary. He’s made a few and we’ve let his media displays slide out of goodwill but he seems a tad out of touch at times.

  3. Hard to believe some of the things we say about new players.anyone else in the room struggled to feel at home in a new job……?

  4. TBH he is an International surely Albanaia have played in front of big[ish] crowds?
    But I dont think this story is correct & im hoping he will come good
    Roll on Moscow

  5. I remember Walter Smith being asked if Laudrup was good enough after 1 bad game… the guys played 1 game and we were dross as a team lets give hjm more than 90 minutes before judging…

  6. We all know it can take some foreign players time to settle. I'm sure everyone can give examples of players who started poorly and became stalwarts.

  7. He should never have been bought in the first place, 2 million down the fucking drain, why the fuck do we keep buying injured players ???

  8. …Hopefully if He stays Injury-Free and gets a Few games We will Start to see Improvement in his Game. 💪

    Keeping my Fingers Crossed for Eros

  9. Unbelievably even our own fans are slaughtering players after minimal play time , wasn’t that long ago Kent ,Ejaria , Candaeis and even Morelos where being ripped into and shown the exit door by some , where are those commenters now ? Give the lad time , and as stupid as it sounds , Get behind the player(s) and not on they’re backs. Give them a chance for goodness sake.

  10. Now that Stevie G has told us he will bring in more players if what we have don't produce. A hope this is not the start of more pish stories heading towards january transfer window you know 15 million for Morelos we have had our fingers burned before on that one with the SMSM feeding us bears Turkish delight stories.

  11. It's in everyone's interest for Grezda to come good so let's get behind him and hope we can coax a great player out of him. Same for other players. How good could we be if we could consistently get Tavernier and Barasic tearing forward creating and scoring goals, our centre backs suddenly gel, Arfield, Ejaria, Jack, Coulibally and Kent consistently play 10-20% better, Lafferty finds his Hearts form, Morelos behaves himself and hits a hot streak, Middleton flourishes and becomes the hot prospect we hope he can be.
    None of these things are impossible and are not even all that unrealistic. So come on guys let's get behind the team. If they all pull together with our help there could be a team in there, even without the January window.

  12. Another poor defensive blunder off a game ! ! Where was coulibally ?.
    Matic ? When are we gonnae see a good performance from him ?.what does the team
    Do all week in training certainly not practicing .yes guys we still have a long way to go ! ! !*******( watp

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