Rangers to make January move for CL star – reports

Rangers to make January move for CL star – reports

Following last summer’s failure to secure Fenerbahce’s Martin Skrtel on wage grounds, we’re a little surprised to hear that Steven Gerrard is to move again for his ex-team mate.

The Slovakian colossus was a massive target last window and after it appeared Gerrard’s maiden signing was set to be the Champions League regular, Rangers missed out and he stayed in Turkey, but reports over the past 24 hours claim the move is back on.

Rangers started out with a hell of a defence in the form of Connor Goldson and Nikola Katic, but for one reason or another it has lost its way a touch and we’re unsure exactly who is regarded as our first-pick defence.

Gareth McAuley has returned now from injury and may become a mainstay in the first team, plus with Katic’s form loss and Goldson’s health issues we’re not reassured those two will be big players going forward.

Joe Worrall continues to divide opinion aside that of his manager, and it is pretty clear a big name and a big star would be a welcome signing for Gerrard to secure in January – and someone with the experience and ability of the ex-Zenit star would surely not be unwelcome.

That said, we’re at a bit of a loss as to how Rangers would intend to fund a deal to bring a circa £60K player to Ibrox.

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  1. Steven Davis should be number 1 priority! Sign him the second the transfer window opens! Sign Davis win the league..simple! Make this happen Stevie G..make this happen!!! #55

  2. Steven Davis should be number 1 priority! Sign him the second the transfer window opens! Sign Davis win the league..simple! Make this happen Stevie G..make this happen!!! #55

  3. Not for me thank you he is obviously a money monster …We could use that money better for a Striker and ball playing No 10 …and left back . I see a small clear out in January Wallace Pena Sadiq Coulibally …so we need replacement s

  4. Sounds to me like Fenerbahce are just trying to drum interest up in a player who could walk away for nothing in the summer. We couldn’t afford him a few months ago, nothing had changed on that score

  5. How many of the Steve Davis fans were also telling us Lafferty would rip it up. Steve WAS great, but so was Gazza.
    Time has moved on, so should we

    • Here mate you still have not told me how much you were bumped with those shares you purchased. Was it 72p a share when you bought them you must know buddy.

  6. You see this is what I'm talking about we are losing money hand over fist 14 million plus at the last count so how do we fund this 60k a week wage I really would like someone with some sense to explain it. A don't want to hear of Defoe and others getting branded about from the media or any more ridiculous stories to fool us real rangers supporters again.This could be the chisler and Traynor up to their old tricks again feeding us bears more shite well I ain't having it.

  7. every time the transfer window is due, All the same guff starts drifting towards Ibrox Skirtel £60.000 a week is complete nonsense. We Need to start playing our youth players Andy Dallas,Zac Rudden,etc,etc Young and Hungry, thats who I want playing for the Famous Glasgow Rangers and they dont Only play for the ££ as their Rangers players and know what Our Club is All About and would do their Best for Us without Costing to much.

  8. I would be reluctant to give Skrtel £25k never mind £60k. Not saying he wouldn't do a job but we don't shop at that shop any more. We should be targeting younger players with potential and sell on value.

  9. Scotswhahea you still did not tell me how my h you paid for those shares again were you conned at 72p from old Chico Green or are you telling tales about having bought the shares. Either way you were bumped as the price has fallen over the years.

  10. Spud, Sorry, I thought I made it clear. I bought as part of the share issue. I don't remember what price that was at. I am sure you can google it if you want. I am sure that I have lost money on them, but I didn't buy them to make money, but to support my club.
    I do not regret a penny of the money lost, it is just me supporting my club. Doesn't matter what you buy, tickets, season tickets, jerseys, pyjamas, mugs, scarves, shares. If you are buying from Rangers Footlvall club you are supporting the club.

    But you have not answered my questions. The shares are currently valued at 27-28p. How does King having to buy them at 20p hurt him? Fact is that Rangers will have to pay for administrative and Stock Market costs of a share offer, even if nobody sells. Which they won't. Any shareholders who wanted to could have done so already.

    So, I have answered your question as best I can. I could Google it, but I don't care. You do, so you can. Now, please answer my question as to how this hurts King.

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