Wednesday, 14 November 2018

Rangers summer signing admits he's made a mistake

Rangers defender Gareth McAuley has admitted he made a mistake this summer by not having a pre-season and has hinted this error has led to such a long road back to fitness before finally making his debut as a sub against Spartak.

The 38-year old Northern Ireland international was freed by West Brom earlier this year, but elected not to maintain fitness and instead sought a new club without the aid of a pre-season, something he declares now was an error.

Speaking to RTV he said:

“In hindsight I should have went in somewhere and done pre-season properly but I’m here, I’ve done the hard work, feel fit, ready to go.”

For a wily old veteran we are surprised he made such a rookie error – perhaps he didn’t expect to find club football again, but for such an experienced international with bags of EPL matches to his name, surely he’d realise getting a gig wouldn’t be that hard.

Nevertheless, we have him now, after a long road of recovery and Rangers fans will get to see a lot more of him over the coming months.

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