Rangers linked with stunning January double player swoop


With Rangers’ midfield certainly feeling the loss of Graham Dorrans and form drought of Lassana Coulibaly among others, Steven Gerrard is looking into making serious inroads towards January additions to shore it up.

Steven Davis, we already know is high on the list of possible acquisitions, setting in motion the third ‘deserter’ return following Allan McGregor and Kyle Lafferty. The cost for the out-of-favour Southampton captain would be fairly modest given his deal expires in the summer, and most fans seem keen on this deal happening.

However in the past 24 hours another ex-Rangers player has also been whispered in conjunction with a deal back to where it started for him. 24-year old Lewis Macleod, who had a torrid time with injuries since departing for Brentford, is said to be interesting Rangers’ management, especially Gary McAllister who it’s reported is a big admirer. Macleod recently turned down a deal to stay at Griffin Park although negotiations are said to be continuing, but links with Rangers have very much started and the £800,000 signing would be keen on coming back given he never wanted to leave in the first place.

However, with his being a regular now in the Championship Rangers wouldn’t get him for a low cost despite his deal expiring in the summer and if Gerrard and McAllister really want to secure this dynamic young player at Ibrox again, they will surely have to at least match what Rangers sold him for.

These are two signings few Rangers fans would be disappointed with.


  1. WTF is this post all about ?,regarding Steven Davis the talk is he's coming on loan till the summer and if all goes well he can sign for Free,regarding Lewis Macloed,there's a few scenarios we could sign him in January or get him on a pre and sign him for Free in the summer,so why would we need to pay anything for them ?,No Surrender …

  2. I would be one of the few Rangers fans to be disappointed with these signings. I'd much rather find 2-3 new players that are improvement on what we have, don't think Davis and Macleod would make much of a difference. A couple of wingers who can cross a ball and perhaps a midfielder who is more attacking than Arfield. Two more centre midfielders would not help us.

  3. Sorry IN
    But i would be deeply upset if any of the two of them returned
    More so X Captain Now u can dress it up anyway u like but the captain of the concordia
    Stayed with his ship longer than Capt Davis
    Lewis was offered new contract but wanted to leave and he did which is his prerogative
    However lets not forget when we needed these 2 They dropped Tools upped and left
    As you know i believe every player who left when they were needed should never be
    allowed to wear the jersey again and yes that includes LAFFerty and MacGregor
    And will continue with this stance as i believe Rangers Football Club deserves Respect

  4. The words " torrid time with injuries " should be enough to avoid this one giving the number of players we have recently brought on board who were already injured

  5. Loved Davis first time around but how much has he got left in the tank at 33-34? It was that driving energy that was at the core of his game.
    McLeod has been plagued by injuries and surely must be a huge risk.
    Haven't we learned anything from signing players past their best and players who are injury prone?

    • Recruiting Davis at 33 is not the present recruitment policy of Rangers who presently want to recruit players which have a sell on value and Lewis McLeod is not an improvement on players we already have. We are screaming for a midfield general (not Davis) and a more dynamic goal scoring no 10 than Arfield and the other players we presently have who supply our attacking players need to improve on their final ball. Until we improve our midfield the manky mob will over-run us every game in this department

  6. Would far rather have Macleod who best days lie ahead than Davis whose best days lie behind him. Macleod is playing football, David is watching others play.
    Don't get me wrong, I liked Davis. But he was not Paul Gascoigne and I don't want Gazza back either, for the same reason. Too old and would rather keep the memories

  7. The comment that 'few Rangers supporters would be disappointed with these signings' comes from where, exactly? Not ANY Rangers supporter I know! As far as Davis goes – he's past it. That would be my reason for not trying to sign him; nothing more. Some on here have a 'selected memory…. Davis was the only one of the 'deserters' that made sure Rangers received a fee for him. So please, some accuracy here….don't brand him in the same league as Naismith and Whittaker. I wouldn't let either of them sell pies at Ibrox; nevermind playing.

    • Sorry but that is absolute tosh! We've had loads of captains who have left, Fergusion, Amorusso etc etc. Yes, they left under different circumstances but they left. This notion that that a captain should never leave Ibrox, unless it suits the club, is a concept that should be left in the dark ages. Get real for Gods sake! And Davis did get us a fee – something you and many others, as usual, conveniently forget. Why let undisputed facts get in the way of a good story. Pathetic. As it is, I don't want Davis returning anyway but for entirely different, and wholly valid, reasons: his legs are gone and that's what, previously, made him a player.

    • Davie, Davis had nothing to do with the fee. Green threatened to take Southampton to court over it, so they decided to pay £800,000 and avoid court action. Davis himself was quoted as saying he was delighted it had been sorted and he didn't want it to keep dragging on.

  8. Would not Sign Either as Both are Former Players (Need to be looking Forward not Back) and being honest Central Midfield…We have enough.
    (LC, GD, RM, JR, RJ, JB etc…And Pena 😂)

    1. In Agreement with Rob57, Davis is 33 and had a few Injuries and probably isnt as good as all those years ago and He LEFT Us!

    2. 'Torrid Time with Injuries'
    …Enough Said…No More Injury Plagued Players

    …Whats Really Needed

    1. We need two CBs to Replace Worrall and McAuley or 1 CB if SG plans to use someone like Aidan Wilson

    2. We should Use Wallace at LB in Barisic's Absence

    3. A New Lockpick/No.10/Magician to replace Dorrans

    4. 2 New Strikers, 1 on Loan, 1 Permanent.
    Replace Sadiq with Solanke and get another ST in Permanently to Challenge Morelos and Laff

  9. I Think we should try and Re-Sign Bates as a Replacement for Worrall/McAuley 💪💙
    Solid Competition for Connor&Nikola

    • Join the queue for Bates. Plus, why would he even contemplate rejoining Rangers after the way Murty and the Board treated him?

    • Yeah but if we can get him early…

      Because Hes a Rangers Fan and Murty isnt in Charge Anymore 🤔

      What player would not want to play for Stevie G!

  10. Sorry not me ,for either of them Steven Davis too old … MacLeod injury prone . I would rather look to Europe and also bring back Docherty We need another striking option too , Solanke or similar Keep moving forward

  11. Is anybody seriously saying that Davis would not improve our midfield and for very low out lay even if it was only short term season and a half+its all about the RANGERS

  12. We will never get out of debt unless we
    Change singing policy. Loanee players, or players coming to the end of their playing days is not the answer, we need young players who will have a value if we sell them. 4/5 loanees go back to their clubs, we then have to start again, continuity is required.

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