Sunday, 25 November 2018

Rangers fans make stunning accusation of star player

Following Alfredo Morelos’ booking yesterday for dissent, Rangers fans have gone into overdrive over possible theories as to why the Colombian appeared to lose the plot so easily following good discipline in recent weeks.

And if the latest ideas are to be believed, it was a canny move for the striker who managed in fact to do his manager a favour rather than anything else.

Alfredo Morelos was one booking away from a suspension.

Rangers have a battery of humdinger matches coming up after Hearts and Dundee and with the striker just one yellow away from being banned, many fans have suggested he’s done it deliberately to only miss the trip to Dens Park, and instead be available for Steven Gerrard for the Hibs and Old Firm matches later in December.

It wipes the slate clean and gives Rangers our best player guaranteed (unless he gets a crazy red) for the big tough matches next month which of course includes an absolutely brutal 10 days where Rangers face two Hibs matches, the Old Firm and St Johnstone as well.

It’s quite possible it was a smart move to get a booking and get the suspension out of the way for a pretty ‘easy’ match in Dundee on the 9th.

Perhaps some fans gave him too much credit – maybe he really just lost the plot.

But the outcome sure as heck is rather useful for us…


  1. Yes that sounds about right ibrox noise good thinking. Get that out the road then he is ready to face and a hopefully defeat the manky mob. WATP

  2. Boy Done Good 👍
    Smart move Considering ...

    Shouldnt have Too many Problems Against Dundee.

  3. What i would like to know is why the fuck he can hardly speak a word of English ???,after all he's been here for a year and a half,maybe he wouldn't get booked as much if he did speak English a bit better....No Surrender...

  4. Even if that isn't what happened, it seems a good idea. We need him for those crunch matches.


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