Monday, 12 November 2018

"Opinions are like backsides..."

We have to say what a difference a weekend makes. Thanks to Celtic’s draw at the outstanding Livi, Rangers only trail them by a mere two points after our stunning win over Motherwell.

And we’re inspired by a comment on the site with regards this article to cover the topic of being fickle.

A regular poster claimed that a week ago we advocated the sack for Gerrard, while now it’s ‘kiss and make up’.

And we must admit, the differing messages sent out from us at times do make confused signals for the readership now and then. We will say this. At no point did we advocate Gerrard’s firing – only that he’d said something which discussed it or resignation. And he did. We also firmly accepted that rather than firing Gerrard, this is simply where we are right now and we didn’t suggest changing manager.

A win over Motherwell doesn’t change absolutely everything, and we still urge caution, but the presence of Jack, the (sadly enforced) absence of Coulibaly and the (sadly enforced) absence of Connor Goldson did not hurt in the pursuit of said win. And these were all things we’d asked for.

Our point? Football IS fickle. It’s emotional. If you want exclusive balance and reason and non-changeable opinions this isn’t the place for you – we’re by no means saying one win over Motherwell has solved all our issues and we’re gonna win the treble, but as football fans we love our team playing well and winning, and quite honestly the hell with anyone who tells us to ‘keep our feet on the ground’.

Anyone who doesn’t want us to be emotional and not to thoroughly enjoy the win and not get carried away is not for us.

We don’t think we’ve even gone too mad here – we’ve praised what we saw yesterday, and called out some players who especially excelled. And that is our right.

What do you want us to do? Criticise the win!? Criticise the fact Stevie did what we wanted?!

We can’t win – we’re Celtic fans if we criticise things, and ‘propaganda’ or ‘over the top’ if we praise them.

Somewhere in the middle? There is no middle in football.
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