Is Steven Gerrard ready to take a massive gamble on Carlos Pena?


It would be safe to say Carlos Pena did not exactly leave to many Rangers fans’ regrets. His performances had been patchy at best and awful at worst and in his darkest days at Ibrox was accused of nefarious off-pitch conduct and ultimately being a painful waste of £3.2M on it.

Naturally his departure was only a loan, first to one Mexican side then a sub loan to another, before that was terminated within the past few days – so we always knew Pena was returning.

Ibrox Noise covered the topic just as news broke of his arrival back on these shores, without our being aware the loan had ended – and we’d advocated a possible redemption for the attacking midfielder.

But while he showed undeniable ability at times and a degree of technical quality sadly lacking from our team otherwise, his conduct outwith match time was troubling and then there was the infamous ‘nose-wipe’ as he arrived in Mexico.

For some inexplicable reason Carlos Pena chose to wipe his nose on a pair of Rangers shorts. We have literally no idea why he’d do this, but it gives a slight glimpse into his troubled mind.

Today, he’s announced his return – that his loan is over and he’s ready to give his all back in Scotland.

And he looks like he’s shed a tonne of beef, and appears a bit leaner and more ready to cope with the rigours of football.

We should also point out he played most of his loan out of position – the guy is a box-to-box/attacking midfielder by trade, although his passing can be a little hairy – but if you need goals from the middle, he’s your man. Instead, he found himself in DM and even full back in South America which really isn’t his forte – it’s not a surprise that he failed there.

And Rangers only have no one to get goals from midfield – we’ve strongly suggested Scott Arfield may be able to deliver that but one swallow does not a summer make and a second option as well as him would be more prudent for a club the size of Rangers.

Pena can score. He has a fine touch, and he is technically good. His workrate is in question and his passing probably isn’t sharp enough for him to be creative, but Rangers paid a lot of money for him, and are paying his wages.

And if Steven Gerrard can help get this guy’s mind in the right place, then perhaps the idea of him returning to the fold isn’t as ridiculous as it could have been.


  1. When he wiped his nose on the Rangers shorts after arriving in Mexico was enough for me total lack of respect for the club and the fans also he couldnt get a game for his loan clubs there what chance of him being good enough to get into our first team another one of Pedros disastrous signings

  2. Well since every other player is getting a second and third chance the same as the manager with his results I say we welcome brother Pena with open arms .

  3. At first I would say NO CHANCE, but after reflecting I would have said the same about Andy Halliday but Gerard has him performing much better albeit not a rangers first team member in my eyes.

  4. What do you mean his first touch is good? I watched him week after week – he doesn't have a first touch. The guy is an embarrassment to football and Stevie G will pack his bags for him the minute he lands.

  5. Find a way to get our money back on him. He showed our club, no respect. But is it unfair to deny a man, a second chance? One chance, last chance Pena.

  6. As it stands he is under contract to us, yes he is coming back sit him down with his agent and lay it on the line, step out of line once your sacked get it documented and signed by agent, lawyers so everything is cast in stone no loopholes.Give him the chance to prove himself as we have to pay him as contract states.If everything is done to the letter of the law there should be no problems.

  7. I agree with those who say No Chance
    I agree with those who say Sell Him

    But the bare fact of it is this…
    We have nothing to lose by giving him another chance

    1. If SG can get him playing, Then we have the 10. We are Looking for and can recoup the cash in a couple of years

    2. If SG Cant get him performing then at least we know its a Dead Horse due to his issues which we already know about.

  8. Wiping his fat nose with the shorts is enough disrespect to last me a lifetime.

    He should never get near Glasgow after that let alone the team!

  9. I thought he had something when he was here first time but attitude and application was sadly lacking. The nose wipe was the final straw. No way back for me but Gerrard will probably look beyond that which from his perspective would be the right thing to do.

  10. Gerrard has to be objective> Penna was facing rehab and in a bad way. Things change and if Gerrard plays him then we support him.

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