How Steven Gerrard may have found a new leader…


With Rangers’ performances and results of late not inspiring massive joy among supporters, a potential change today in the lineup could well see the start of something very positive indeed.

As fans will know, manager Steven Gerrard has been dropping big hints about both resting Connor Goldson and starting Gareth McAuley, and if there’s one thing Rangers’ rearguard has lacked, it’s a leader, despite James Tavernier being appointed captain.

McAuley, on the other hand, at 38, has played at the highest levels of the game, and captained many XIs – if anyone is capable of organising the defence to a competent level, it is he.

This is not to endorse chopping and changing for the sake of it – and the past few league results have been fairly constructive (WDW), but it’s evident defence has been wilting a little and Goldson in particular looks slightly out of form and a tad tired.

It could well be time to bring in McAuley, a defender many rate highly who’s a big lad, strong in the air, a great leader, a great tackler and all round able to command the respect of those around him while organising logistics.

The Joe Worrall/Nikola Katic saga has lessened recently with both players getting some minutes, so we guess we’ll see which one of them gets the nod today – but McAuley might just be the leader Rangers have been lacking.

All too often we hear we’ve no leaders – despite Tavernier, McGregor, and Jack’s Aberdonian captaincy, there is definitely a lack of rudder in the team – having a big strong alpha commander at the back could well be the difference between Rangers’ overall current inconsistency and finally stringing together a run.

There is no point having quality defensive depth and not using it when the current player is a little out of sorts. If Gerrard does start McAuley, it would get our endorsement. Let’s hope if he turns out at Ibrox he’s every inch the leader and stopper we expect him to be.

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  1. Not for me ibrox noise he is to old again it's like the big guy we got from QPR not so long ago once again going back the way. Any young player running at him with pace or to chase the ball over 10 to 25 yards I know where my money would be who is going to get to the ball first.

    • Big Gareth will get skinned by the young boys in other teams play him against the duffers like Dundee Hamilton etc you know like the bouf of the league

  2. Off topic but I’d like to make a point with regards to the slaughtering of Eros Grezda a few days back and how he was not good enough. 2 goals , 2 assists and a near perfect performance, what a difference a game makes. Some are just too quick to jump on top of players before giving them a chance. Well done Grezda and well done rangers , and please guys , let’s all give every player a decent run of games before committing them to the scrap heap. Now we need to follow up this performance into the coming games and try get a run of wins together.
    Also Tav today was absolutely unbelievable

  3. Against motherwell on sunday Gareth should've started on the right with Katic on the left,his usual side,i think the big mans confidence is shot to pieces due to Stevie G playing that fucking donkey worrel,how is this loan playing before our own ???,Nikola played all through the europa qualifying rounds solidly then he gets binned,now he looks like a different player !,get that hehaw to fuck back to forrest….No Surrender….

    • Max the loan players get a game before our own players as that is part of the loan deal that they play that's your answer right there mate .

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