Tuesday, 27 November 2018

Have Steven Gerrard & Dave King just dropped the 'truth' about Wallace?

As the fallout from the AGM begins, with yet more digestion of the meeting taking place, we learn more and more about what may really be going with regards certain areas, and one of the most revealing was the Graeme Murty Lee Wallace saga.

Dave King exalted the virtues of the Auchenhowie coach and praised the ‘personal sacrifice’ the-then interim coach made last season, and went as far as to label him his ‘man of the year’.

If we couple this with manager Steven Gerrard’s 180 on Wallace, where early this season he wanted Wallace back and available for selection, he is now stating the ex-captain has no future under him and even auxiliary left backs are ahead of him in the pecking order.

It seems that, from above, Graeme Murty remains in favour among the Ibrox hierarchy, and if we’re honest, how it looks is that Steven Gerrard has been told by his bosses that Wallace isn’t to play for us again as a result, no matter.

King is clearly on Murty’s side, and what is clear from the infamous fallout at Hampden is the squad that day know what really happened, and whatever it was, the board have consequently sided and continued to side with the-then manager over it.

This either points to bizarre, disquieting loyalty to a coach ex-manager Mark Warburton brought in, over a club stalwart and legend, or that something more and possibly disturbing really happened and whether the truth will out on that one only time will tell.

Either way, one shareholder made it clear the treatment of Wallace was ‘disgusting’ in their opinion, and on the face of it it’s hard to disagree with that.

Perhaps the truth will emerge one day. Or perhaps it really was just nothing more than a disagreement and the board really did just choose Murty.

In fairness, he did do them a favour by accepting the job ‘permanently’ so perhaps they owe him one?

Who knows. Who… will ever know.
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