Sunday, 4 November 2018

Gerrard favourite stuns Rangers fans with incredible admission

Joe Worrall has today admitted Rangers are a stop-gap for his career and he isn’t interested in increasing his loan or making his move to Rangers permanent.

In a pretty surprising move, the on-loan Forest defender revealed he really doesn’t see his stay at Ibrox as going beyond the summer, and that he appreciates manager Steven Gerrard’s kind words from September about him.

He said:

“It’s obviously nice that the manager says things like that (desire to make the deal permanent) – but I’m on loan from Forest. Forest are my team, they employ me and pay my wages. It’s a loan for me. I’m really enjoying it here and I thank the gaffer for playing me. I’m here until the end of the season so hopefully you’ll see a lot more from me and what I can do. I’m just taking every game as it comes.”

There are two sides to this.

First off Rangers fans mostly haven’t taken to Worrall, and with mistakes like those against Kilmarnock and St Mirren still fresh in the mind, it’s not that surprising, so the majority would be quite happy if he left regardless. Most feel Nikola Katic is a much better prospect.

Secondly though he is being accurate to say the facts as they are – he is indeed a Forest player, and he is indeed on loan – but usually when loan players are asked about this stuff they either wisely say what Ryan Kent has and suggest they are open to a permanent move (which heavily ingratiates them to the loan club’s fans), or they say ‘that’s something between the clubs’ which gets them out of obvious commitment one way or the other. Worrall’s clear stance of stating he’s only here for the platform to develop on and is using Rangers isn’t the kind of ethic most fans want to hear.

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