Ex-Rangers striker takes big dig at current club


Former Rangers striker Kris Boyd has weighed into the 3G debate by admitting that while it is a ‘sign of the times’ that three clubs in Scotland have such surfaces, he equally dislikes the artificial pitch and believes the whole top flight should be grass.

The controversy has continued over the weekend following Celtic visiting Livingston and only managing a solitary point, and Boyd, of course, plays every other week on Kilmarnock’s plastic pitch.

While he believes it’s professionally run and a better way for smaller clubs to handle training costs, he himself doesn’t want it.

He said on Sky Sports:

“It used to cost us £250,000 to travel to training facilities. It’s professionally run.”

But then tellingly admitted it shouldn’t be the way, insisting:

“I think the top flight in Scotland should all be on grass.”

Of course it should, and despite his defensive claims about the merits of plastic, his further admission that it really isn’t acceptable for the SPL to have artificial turf at all is what he really thinks.


  1. The sooner we get rid of these dangerous pitches the better for everyone,i feel that Rangers hold back on these pitches for obvious reasons

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  2. If the SFA aren't going to outlaw them, then they should allow flat-soled trainers to be used, instead of studded boots. Less chance of injury, with footwear similar to the Adidas Samba. A cheap solution, if all clubs agree.

  3. He might want all football grounds to be grass only but it does not stop him from taking a coin from killie every other week he plays on it you really have to laugh at this clown.

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