Friday, 30 November 2018

"Embarrassing" - who didn't stand out so well against Villarreal for Rangers?

After another impressive European night for Rangers, Steven Gerrard’s men are still very much in contention for a stunning place in the last 32.

But how did the XI stack up in terms of individual performances? Ibrox Noise takes you through our calls:

Allan McGregor:

Unbelievable night. Two world class saves and a host of fine ones, this Allan McGregor is better than the one who left. In this form, he’s one of Britain’s best goalkeepers. 10

James Tavernier:

Not one of Tav’s better outings, with the ex-Wigan man suffering a lean spell of form right now. Guilty of poor positioning, poor crossing, and few of his trademark overlapping runs. 5

Connor Goldson:

Just hasn’t been right since his health scare. Was slightly out of form before it, but still not quite himself. Found exposed a few times, and made some notable errors. Did manage a few headed clearances, and one or two good interceptions, but overall, not amazing. 6

Joe Worrall:

Stood up to be counted in this one – time and time again he made crucial last-ditch blocks, and while the cohesion with others around him wasn’t great, his own work was. 8

Jon Flanagan:

Had a frankly embarrassing first half. Out of sorts, out of form, and the solid fullback of a couple of months ago was a distant memory. Gave the ball away so many times, and was out of position most of the first half. Just couldn’t read the flow at all. Second half was marginally better, but it couldn’t be a lot worse. 4

Ryan Jack:

Didn’t have the usual impact but worked hard, and quietly, and made a few big cut outs. Neat on the ball, and reliable. Did cheaply lose possession but by no means the only one. 7

Lassana Coulibaly:

Still not delivering much – he runs about, jogs a bit, and occasionally gets forward in a bursting dribble but it’s hard to justify his place because he’s not breaking up play much at all. 5

Scott Arfield:

Big night from Scotty – led those around him again, worked like a dog in attack and defence, and couldn’t really give much more than he did. He’s right back bang in form. 8

Glenn Middleton:

His inexperience in general, not just at this level, told, and Glenn struggled badly. Slack cut but he shouldn’t have started this match – lots of mistakes, poor positioning, and bad judgement – but then he’s only a teenager. Great player potentially but this end was just too deep for him. 5

Daniel Candeias:

Was pretty awful before his sending off – didn’t get forward to much effect, then appeared to stamp (possibly accidentally) during the fracas which we think at Ibrox Noise is why he got the second yellow. Not over mistaken identity. N/A

Alfredo Morelos:

Stunning night of work from Alf, no goal but a tireless dog for the team. Looked a picture of disgust as he got taken off but he can be very pleased with the shift he put in. 8


The Bold Kyle:

Already looked a bit more like himself – didn’t get massively involved but nearly produced the goal of our European campaign. Worked hard, ran around and was a nuisance. 7

Steven Gerrard:

Selection was the usual ‘good to see him’ ‘why’s HE there’ mixture, but his men, while clearly outclassed at times by an obviously superior team, put in a great shift for him. Tactics were decent, but a few of his players didn’t produce their best football, even if everyone worked hard. He’ll be happy with their response to losing a man. 7


  1. No one was embarrassing!,the only thing embarrassing is this post,
    Every Rangers player played to their best ability with 10 men ffs


    WATP LETS GO πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§

    1. You're entitled to your opinion BL, but if you think every player was exceptional, then we respectfully disagree.

    2. No worries we'll agree to disagree on that one,πŸ‘
      Iam not saying that every player was exceptional no,but i dont think this was a match to single players out it was a hard shift team performance,
      Credit where credit is dueπŸ‡¬πŸ‡§,we're still it rememberπŸ†πŸ’°

      WATP LETS GO πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§

  2. Only Gerard know why he picks Flanagan, could have cost a goal in the first half with a pass across the 18 yard line,just does not look comfortable in that role,as for middleton felt sorry for the boy last night but the Spaniards done their home work and closed down the flanks and he could not get passed,why he left mcauley out is also a mystery ,goldson looks shakey,still decent result I certainly couldn't see us hanging on for 45 mins,but there's always mcgreggor thank fk.

  3. we played against a far superior team with ten men for 50 minutes, didn't concede. three out of our back four were mince? don't understand that. It's opinion? how can we complain about the BBC coverage, when our own fans are slaughtering the team constantly

    1. Ok BB, which defensive ratings do you disagree with?

  4. I'm sick to death telling fellow bears on here Flanagan is a very good friend of Stevie G hence why he is picked no other reason so get it. As to the sending off let's get right into eufa on this. We did it with the sfa so why not them because we are the famous Glasgow Rangers no surrender.

  5. A fair assessment I think, Middleton just should never had started, def sub. Alan McGregor, legend! That said, a draw was a fantastic result under the circumstances and I applauded every player at the final whistle for hanging in there, keeps us in the running.

  6. Technically they were streets ahead of us but this was a cracking result in the circumstances and thoroughly deserved. To be fair to the lads at the back, Tav and Worrall spent a lot of time covering and checking the other two. Candy wouldn’t put the shirt on again after January - seems to fall apart against better teams and his attitude stinks. And I think this dawned on him as he got the second card.

  7. A bit harsh on the defence. We kept a clean sheet, with 10 men, against a pretty decent Spanish side. Perhaps individually the performances could have been better but collectively the defence were superb. If one of them made a mistake a team mate was close by to help out.
    I have sympathy for JF. Obviously playing out of position so he is going to make mistakes and look uncomfortable. The problem is opposition teams are starting to target him (and Halliday) now because it is our known weak spot. I have respect for the effort both of them put in when being asked to play there. A player playing out of position is okay every once in a while, however this has gone on all season. Unfortunately the obvious replacement isnt playing for club political reasons.
    Rest of the player ratings, spot on!

  8. A bit torn here. On the face of it I agree entirely with your assessment of every player but on the other hand you've got to give massive credit to all 10 players for a great result.
    However, I think we need to get Barasic back as soon as possible as Flanagan is causing all sorts of problems. Not only is he uncomfortable on that side but his positional play is really poor. Instead of pushing forward when he gets the ball his first instinct is to turn onto his right foot and play the ball back to a centre back slowing down any potential attack. All game I imagined Wallace getting the ball and being immediately 20-30 yards further up the pitch. I know Flanagan is a right back but it also worries me that much of his bad passing comes when he turns onto his right foot.

  9. Agree with RR57, here. Flanagan need to be right-sided and Barasic is needed badly. Kyle was still not 100% and still rattled the bar. What is going on, with Coulibally? He definitely, needs man-managed


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