Disaster at SFA as Rangers saga descends into farce

Disaster at SFA as Rangers saga descends into farce

The Willie Collum and Daniel Candeias saga is something we have covered on Ibrox Noise but not to a huge extent – and following Rangers’ appeal midweek (something we were led to believe was not possible) over his second booking, the SFA’s decision to reject the appeal is only the latest sign of the absolute disgrace that is Scottish football and how it is ‘run’.

As Rangers’ official statement, this decision denies an innocent man the right to go to his work, and if ever there was a miscarriage of justice, however trivial that seems, this would be it.

From what we understand, Collum actually had the opportunity to review the incident in his office after the match – a chance to watch it again and check he got the call right.

It is our belief he not only did not endeavour to change his mind, but outright rejected the chance to take a second look.

To label this as ‘officiating’ is unjust at best, and as Rangers said, it ‘defies belief’ how this incident has played out.

Let’s look at the timeline:

  • Candeias gets a yellow card for an overindulgent celebration of the opening goal. Fair enough – it’s square, but that’s the law.
  • He then gets accosted by Craig Samson in St Mirren’s goal for allegedly showing no respect after Morelos’ winner. 
  • He then gets headlocked by Anton Ferdinand and receives a bit of a crack to the jaw.
  • Willie Collum books him a second time and he gets a slightly early bath.
  • The booking, patently false, is then ignored by Collum with an opportunity to review.
  • Rangers appeal, and the SFA announce the appeal has been rejected.
  • Rangers make a statement decrying this astonishing turn of events.
  • Collum pulls out of Aberdeen Hibs

Words sometimes fail us at Ibrox Noise at how much further our authorities can continue to sink in the act of incompetence and failure to administrate our game accurately or fairly.

Our best theory is that by upholding Rangers’ appeal, it would have undermined Collum’s decision – but if the referee made a human error with the booking, that is forgivable.

What is not forgivable is sticking stubbornly to your guns, defying sense and borderline changing reality to suit your agenda.

We are not saying Collum is a bad man, or a bad referee – truth is there are worse refs in our game than this guy. But he’s made a big, big error and he’s been extremely unwise to stand by it, and the SFA even worse for backing him on it.

It just undermines refereeing in this country which is already in a pitiful state as it is, and destroys any fragment of lingering trust we still have in both our referees to get it right, and our authorities to govern fairly and rectify mistakes when errors occur.

Very, very poor.

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  2. I to concur with the whole statement put outhe by ibrox noise on the of rangers against Willie collum and the sfa who in my eyes have brought the game into disrepute it's hightime time all the bitterness ends against rangers for the greater good of the game from those who tried to interfere with officials to ensure the club were not giving the best opportunity to prepare for an inportant game to officials failing to interpitate the rules properly the candeias case is just the tip of the iceberg if this persists I don't see how theasy club can continue playing in scotish football I'd rather play in the English championship and thats all down to the attrosish behaviour of scotish refferee and other clubs attitude to us over a situation that could have happened to any club it wasn't that long ago Fergus mcann saved celtic from going bust other clubs should remember what goes around comes around scotish football needs to sort itself out now before it does untold damage to our beautiful game .

  3. I too have been critical of some posts by IN recently. But you are spot on with this. And Collums credibility everywhere will have disappeared. It’s his shear stupidity that annoys me. A quick apology and recinding of card and it would have been forgotten already. As for SFA. Unbelievably stupid. They are being hoisted by Collums petard. Dickheads.

  4. IN posts are shear clickbait and usually pish….However, they've used FF posts to fabricate another clickbait….pack it in lads….go get ur hole for once!

    • John, we can assure you, we have not used anything from any other Rangers site. Call us whatever you like but stealing from forums is an extremely serious accusation at us and not something we dismiss. Our content is our own and not plagiarised.

  5. It's ridiculous for Collum to dismiss the opportunity to review the incident. Who does he think he is? Does he think he is incapable of making a mistake? The matter should have been taken out of his hands and the SFA should have told him to review it. If he did and came up with the same answer then at least we know what we are dealing with. But at least the SFA would have done the right thing.

  6. It was a ridiculous yrlloy card to give him. But there is no way under the current rules to appeal a red card , given after 2 yellows. What rangers were appealing was the yellow card on grounds of mistaken identity. Which is a joke as one player was about a foot taller, black and wearing a st.mirren top. So the appeal was always going to fail.
    As much as I hate to say it maybe we should of joined Celtic condeming the standard of refs a few years ago when they caused the ref strike. They were terrible back then & since the strike they have got worse and think they can do as they like without

  7. I don't think the appeal ever had a chance but believe Rangers were correct to make it to shine a light on the shocking state of referees in this country. And it's also highlighted what a complete arrogant bastard Willie Collum is and how ineffectual the SFA are at running our football. We can't just taking these blows on the chin and not respond.

  8. Get a grip having a go at the refs earlier on this season statements were made from the management and our club that there was no issues with refs as it all went in our favour .We had red cards turned over appeal after appeal being a success and now we want the rules changed or broken because of one smelly decision grow up .

    • You grow up we are fighting a true injustice handed out by a ref who has made a few or questionable decisions in games we could accept it if he had committed the second offence which warranted a second yellow card but he didn't the decision was shambolic just like your attitude to a ref who has committed an idiotic decision what hurts more not only did he not want to review it the sfa threw out backing up his injustice Willie collum and the sfa must be held to account for the greater good of football in Scotland and elsewhere for that matter.

    • Scud yes we have had appeals overturned regularly. That rather makes my point. It's not one "smelly" decision. It's several over a 14 month period. And what about the injustice of those matches where we had to play with 10 men after decisions that were later overturned.
      At no time did I say we should seek a rule change. I said Rangers were correct to make the appeal, even knowing that it couldn't be successful, to highlight the ineptitude and arrogance of Willie Collum. Job done.

  9. Allen take a chill pill I'm right in what I have said swings and roundabouts these things even themselves out through out the season. You need to take a step back and see the big picture man up and be honest with yourself no wonder we as a club can't go forward with Banshees like yourself mouthing off.

    • Look scud your entitled to your opinion as I am to mine as I use to be a ref not at the top level granted you have to apply the rules of the game and as a ref you make mistakes you should be held accountabil and be punished you have a forth official in the ground who should assist the match officials in these critical decision that could be critical to our season yes we have rode our luck at times but not even to review the incident in his changing room and for the sfa to uphold an apparent injustice on our club is anot her slap on our clubs face and if you can't see the injustice you need to visit specsavers what did Daniel do that deserved the second yellow card.nothing!!

  10. Allen how many clubs have these and other type of decisions go against them for years and nothing is done or said. I just feel now we are looking rather foolish making all this noise about Willie the bawbag. Look at game Celtic had a few seasons back 2 linesman behind the goal and caley still got away with murder we laughed at that decision we were not shouting about appeals to refs decisions then we told Celtic fans to shut up and get on with it. So now all of a sudden a big hairy pudding we are demanding appeals that are not allowed and refs to be papped from officiating in big games now we are the ones who look paranoid and I'm getting fed up with it.

  11. Since we are on subject of bad refs then why are we not demanding that the linesman from Thursday night's game get papped from running any other line in a game let's bring eufa into this then. Let's bombard them for getting decisions wrong if we feel we are right all the time let's get club 1872 involved with and why are rangers our board not sending letters in and making statements to eufa about the goal chopped off that should not have been. I think we are picking our targets here easy ones the sfa who are weak but eufa who are strong won't put up with our nonsense we get away here.

  12. As Annoying as it is to Lose Candeias we will march on without him.

    We are Rangers!

    …also Willie Collum is a Slimy P***k

  13. Dont forget all Willie Collum is a grade one ref we are fed up with poor decisions across the board not just in the Scotish game Uefa also have the same problem with all match officials as we have seen in Moscow England also have their problems So to be fair to all the appropriate authorities need to look at refs performances and where necessary and take action if necessary Thats all ive being saying all along the solution for the sfa is to ammend the rules so you can appeal a refs decision otherwise the standard of refs decisions as for Mr Stewart instead of sitting in a studio this goes for other pundits too get up and do the job of refereeing since you like to state the laws of the game and in your playing days how many times did you Successfuly con the Official i bet you wont be truthful about that and for all those saying Morelos conned the ref it just shows the poor level of our refs in to days game

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