Can Gerrard break this year-long Rangers curse?


Should Rangers win or even draw against Livi, as we mentioned in our earlier entry, it will be the first time in over a full calendar year that Rangers have gone six matches in the league unbeaten.

The last time this happened was late September to early November, and included that huge win in Perth when Graham Dorrans and Carlos Pena pulled the strings.

While nothing would be definitive as a result of six unbeaten, it would show something in the way of momentum. Obviously, Pedro and Murty managed it too (combination of both of them) so how much such a run truly means in the grand picture is not exactly absolute.

But as Barry Ferguson used to say, things haven’t turned around until the club has ten wins in a row, or maybe eight or nine and a draw or two.

So far Stevie’s overall record remains 14 wins of 27 fixtures with 7 of 12 in the SPL. It’s all been quite mediocre so far going by the numbers, but the current league run of 5IAR could show signs of life.

Get that win (or draw) next weekend and Rangers have gone six league unbeaten for the first time since November 4th last year v Thistle.

Naturally we want the win – it would be three wins in a row in the league for the first time under Gerrard, but regardless, if we remain unbeaten come the end of play next weekend, it’s the right direction to suggest things might actually be turning around.

We shall see.


  1. I suspect that failure to WIN against Livi next week will not be seen as going in the right direction as you suggest. IN will no doubt do an article on the failures of Gerrard and other fans will jump on the bandwagon and complain about Gerrard and King and so on. We will win!

    • You can't get on gerrards back even if things start to go wrong.
      He is a new manager, still going through his badges. He is going to make mistakes and we will have bad results.
      As long as he learns from his mistakes we can't complain.
      Celtic didn't win four games in a row last season but still won the league by a distance.
      It's all the draws that we need to turn into wins if we are going to challenge for titles

    • Correct,its our game for the taking,we've had a rest now fresh and ready for it,

      WATP LETS GO 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧

  2. The win up in Perth meant nothing what did we get out of it nothing the middle of a doughnut. Would have meant something if it had got us a cup or the league but it did not.Now a win over Celtic would be something to brag about. No point in winning nickel n dime type games it's the big teams we need to be beating.

  3. I don't see how we can pump the likes of Motherwell (tough team) and then lose to Livi?? Consistency and a win over Celtic, like Scud the Spud says, would help our morale. I feel (may be wrong) that we have a psychological block now, when it comes to beating Celtic. We have to take the game to them. This sitting back, just does not work for us. We're always better, on the front foot.

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