Blues Brothers photo: two Rangers stars embrace from opposite sides….


Rangers stars Allan McGregor and Eros Grezda tonight face off against each other in Albania, and here is the moment they hugged and wished each other luck before the match, two Bears on the opposite side which doesn’t happen as often as it used to.

McGregor, of course, is the number one for his country, while Grezda has been regaining form and starts up front for the home side in what is a crucial Nations League match for both sides, with Scotland seeking to top the group.

It promises to be an intriguing match, and includes ex-Ranger David Bates at the back for the visiting side – we’re curious as to how he’ll perform on his national team debut.

But it’s the sight of McGregor and Grezda embracing before the match gets underway in earnest which should please all Rangers fans and likely annoy everyone else pretty much.

And we welcome this reaction.


  1. Off the topic here guys but if Celtic started to put some distance between themselves and us don't you think we should just go for broke in January and blow them out the water with very expensive loaned players and big transfers.That would stop their 10 in a row sharpish and stuff what the consequences are that come our way if we can't afford the players in the end.At least that way 10 would have been stopped anyone agree.

    • Calm down,there's no quick fix to this,its a steady process of getting things right on and off the pitch,going for broke would set us back,we must be patient Stevie G has a 4 year deal remember,lets give him the time,there will be NO 10iar rest assured bud🇬🇧

      WATP LETS GO 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧

  2. No. Forget what they are doing. Build slow and steady, bringing in better quality each time. Trying to fix things quickly is what resulted in Pedro. We can't put a time frame on it.

  3. And Where is The Money for This?
    …After a £14mill Loss

    This is the kind of Financial Mismanagement that Nearly Crippled us in The First Place!

  4. So here we go again all players linked with us are loaned players. What's the script here then Charlie Adam this time gives us a break another one past his sell buy date. Now some nugget from West Brom on loan as well but Tav to be sold to West Brom as part of the deal. When are we ever going to learn that King the Chisler can only afford loaned players we really do need to wise up to this chancer. No doubt if something goes wrong this weekend he will put out a statement about Fatman Cashley or about the Takeover Panel to deflect us all away again as he is good st that. Show us your money Dave then we can rally back you up.

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