Thursday, 8 November 2018

Alarming times at Ibrox - another "failed experiment"

Ok, so where do we start with this one.

Now, we will affirm the starting XI wasn’t actually that bad, with only one shambolic selection in the form of Coulibaly over Jack (what the hell Stevie, why?) but it was evident throughout the 90 minutes that a match Rangers should have comfortably won let slip and our manager had no answers for it.

26 games this season, 13 wins.

This is simply no better than any of his useless predecessors and there is no defending it. The players are supposed to be better than we had before, but it’s not apparent on the pitch.

The defence tonight was an absolute bombscare, which was ironic given Moscow were themselves a defensive mess going into the fixture.

And Rangers have now finally been exposed by a very poor team and we must be worried for the first time about the direction we’re going in.

The football is rubbish, more Warburton tippy-tap. The selections are about Stevie’s favourites and not the best. More Warby nonsense.

And we just don’t trust the manager and his judgement.

He knows more about football than you and I and the whole Ibrox Noise readership put together but it doesn’t make him a great manager. And he certainly sure as heck doesn’t know more about Rangers than us fans do. We’ve lived our lives supporting this great club so don’t give us your garbage about an outsider knowing more about Rangers and the SPL.

Gerrard is not learning on the job. Things are getting worse. It peaked with those two fine displays v Rapid and Hearts, but has dramatically sunk since then.

And we can’t be the only fans who facepalmed at the sight of Gareth McAuley on.

Fans will reply with ‘we can’t keep changing manager’ – they’re right. Because we should be able to appoint the right ones in the first place.

We are incapable now of appointing the correct manager for Rangers FC or signing the right players.

Seven years of the wrong managers and players and we see zero hint of improvement.

We tried to be positive recently with a more constructive article, but sometimes you have to call a spade a spade rather than a digging implement and recognise this Rangers regime and squad are as rubbish as always.

Hurl abuse if you like, we’re past caring.

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