Thursday, 8 November 2018

A dramatic January midfield swap at Ibrox

There will be a lot of changes come January, with Rangers’ performances not quite nailing the level we feel this squad can, and a lot of hype this past month or two has been about Steven Gerrard’s summer error on Greg Docherty and how his excellent displays for Shrewsbury have seen him end up a likely recall in January.

This could mean two things – that finally we get to see this midfield destroyer doing what he does best in the place he loves the most, and secondly, the axing of Lassana Coulibaly who, around three games notwithstanding, has been an extremely poor addition.

The hype train has discussed Umar Sadiq and his loan termination, well, for us Coulibaly is barely any better and we can genuinely envisage the literally switching around of the Malian for the ex-Hamilton lad.

It’s what most Rangers fans would love to see, in all honesty.

Docherty lives and breathes Rangers, he’s one of us. He took rejection by Gerrard on the chin completely, packed up his things, and went to Shrewsbury to prove his manager wrong. The absolute correct attitude when you feel you’re destined for greater and better thing (with all due respect to the League One side).

Meanwhile Coulibaly’s loan, after promising so much in late July, has become a flat pancake and he offers next to nothing in midfield. Docherty, Rossiter and Jack, on the other hand, would be a truly wonderful trio of defensive midfielders to have in the side, with McCrorie as further depth.

If January sees Coulibaly’s loan terminated and Docherty’s return confirmed, we think that’s a call few Rangers supporters would complain about.

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