Friday, 2 November 2018

23 of 24 - does Rangers star need a rest?

If one thing has stood out recently, it’s been Rangers’ vulnerable defence. We will just ignore the Worrall/Katic nonsense for now, given it’s all been said, and focus instead on the other side;

Connor Goldson has similarly struggled since he lost his Croatian buddy, and his previously-admirable passing and vision from deep has been thoroughly amiss and his brute-force defending has also suffered in the ex-Slaven Balupo man’s absence.

Goldson has been on record as saying he’s thriving on all the football he’s playing given his injury problems the past two or three years, and we can certainly understand that, but he’s equally only human and has only had one match off in 24.

That is a lot of football however raring to go you feel, and with Gareth McAuley regaining fitness at a very quick rate now Saturday might just be the time to try something refreshing at the back, with both McAuley and Katic in from the start.

Rangers need freshened up and we’ll cover the other defenders in later entries, but the defence has been creaking badly of late with some horrific goals lost and hearts-in-mouths moments as well.

Goldson is a good defender, a very good one, but not only has he suffered the unnecessary rotation of the past month or two, but he has also been overplayed.

Time to give him a match off and use the depth of the squad.

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