Sunday, 14 October 2018

"Won't see 10IAR" - SPL 'fans' disgrace Scottish football...

During a spell of undeniable ignominy for Scottish football, once again online trolls have disgraced the sport north of the border and brought shame on themselves and angered all decent-minded people.

Thanks to an alert from long-term Ibrox Noise regular Billy McKie, comments on the SPFL’s YouTube channel under highlights of the Rangers Hearts match at Ibrox a week ago, we can see some absolutely horrific views percolating within the vile underbelly of Scottish football, as a troll decided to make light of Hillsborough, the Ibrox Disaster and Fernando Ricksen’s struggles.

It saddens us to see opinions like this circulating – even if purely to get a reaction, the desire to even express such vile comments is a continuing stain on the cesspit that Scottish football can be far, far, far too often.

We don’t even want to repeat the words this individual stated so we won’t, and will let our readers make up their minds on what they think, and we again thank Billy for giving us an alert to the very real nature of this kind of opinion.

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