Why these stats from summer signing might worry Rangers fans…


As Rangers fans are well aware, this summer we invested £2M on a player we’ve had nothing back from.

We want to like Albania’s Eros Grezda but as yet there’s nothing to show for Steven Gerrard’s gamble in an injured player, and while many can argue about match fitness, Grezda managed the full 90 of his country’s disappointing loss to Israel in the nation’s league.

So, let’s try to look at exactly how he performed in his second international start in a row, which, incidentally, he found himself on the left wing for.

Observers to his previous cap had been disappointed, claiming he didn’t look anything like the player he was pre-injury, but then he was being played as a striker.

Against Israel he was on the more natural wing, and so he would have a better chance of impressing.

Ibrox Noise watched said match, as we’re sure many of our readers did, and sadly we have to report Grezda struggled badly to assert himself. He got a lot of the ball but did effectively nothing with it.

Let’s have a look at his stats for the night:

He touched the ball 64 times, which is a very healthy number. He touched it more than any other attacker on his side, and touched it more than any player on the opposition. He was certainly heavily involved.

He also managed 41 passes with an accuracy of 85%, which is pretty respectable.

Sadly, those were the only successes of his night.

He managed 2 shots off target, and just one weak cross in the whole 90, which went straight into the arms of Ariel Harush in Israel’s goal – not great for a winger. He did manage two decent long passes though, so it’s not all a complete bust.

A particular encounter we noted was a decent enough dribble, which the defender simply stopped him during – for a big lad he appears to lack much power. Indeed, he managed just one successful dribble, although he was fouled three times as well.

It all adds up to a pretty disappointing night, and while he is still regaining match fitness, for a number of fans who knew him well pre-injury to suggest he has lost his edge is certainly worrying.

Here’s hoping he gets it back.


  1. He better come good and earn his fee. Don't want another injured drain, on our limited resources. We have Rossitter, for that and WHY, is Rossiter NOT fit by now?? He only went off with a knock? I'd rather have bought somebody from the English championship that was playing, than him. We've been plagued with wage-thievery of late. It simply cannot continue. If Rossiter is not going to earn us points, then he must be rid of. This is NOT the season for un-limited burdens, who just cost us and give nada. Harsh t may be, but the bottom line is cash and we seem to be squandering it, on bad choices.

    • Joe90, how would you suggest we get rid of him? Sell him? To who, who would buy him, what would they pay given his injury record?

      Pay off his contract? In what way would this save us any money, paying up the full sum of his contract so he can leave – why would he settle for less given nobody likely to want him? His agent won't be a fool, will want 10% of the full amount.

      Our best, and only, option is to hope he comes good. Then he plays his way to a new contract, or we sell him. Personally, I think he has quality and hope, perhaps optimistically, that he has suffered growing pains and will grow out of them. If he does, we could have a serious player on our hands.

      Happy to hear of any options I have missed

  2. I hear what you're saying. We've been royally lumbered with him. Maybe that's just the price we have to pay. Oh he definitely, has quality. 100% agree with you there. When he plays. lol I always respect your opinions. Good points, well made.

  3. I don't think We have another Rossiter on our Hands but the Lad does need to start going up a gear so that we can see if hes worth the hype & the £2mill 🤔

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