Monday, 22 October 2018

The nearly man of Ibrox; heartbreak for potential Rangers star

The Graham Dorrans debacle continues on unabashed as just when the ex-Scotland midfielder seemed to have maybe, just maybe gotten over his injury nightmare, the playmaker suffers a setback in training and is back on the treatment table to consult with a surgeon.

Just when Ibrox Noise, like the rest of the support, were aching to see him in action following his marvellous cameo in Spain and decent outing against St Johnstone, the 31-year old has yet another injury complaint and the prognosis is unclear.

It’s maddening, infuriating, and while we gave up on Jordan Rossiter, at least he had age on his side, and a body which was still very much at its peak of recovering, and he had a decent chance, biologically speaking, of getting over his injury issues.

Dorrans, almost 10 years older, is not going to benefit from this, with each recovery taking longer.

It’s a crying shame – we know just how much talent Dorrans has, but ever since that injury one year ago, plus the ill-fated return to the first team as a defensive midfielder in the spring, he has been unable to sustain fitness for much longer than a month.

He just seems to be physically broken, to put it as gently as we can.

Yesterday, despite the flattering scoreline, Rangers could have used a lockpick, a creative talent to unpick Hamilton – Ejaria did what he could but he lacks the wisdom Dorrans has, and it was crying out for a Dorrans type to plant their foot on the ball and dictate play.

If this setback is anything to go by, Dorrans will never be that man for Rangers, as much as we want him to get fit.

He really has, sadly, been a painful waste of around £1.5M – for all the ability he has, the inability to stay fit rather voids it.

A real pity.
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