The end of the road at Ibrox for playmaker?


We’ll make this one a short one. Graham Dorrans is a busted flush and our heart breaks for him.

The bad news we implied in a previous entry bore fruit, sadly, and we can certainly discount Dorrans till the Spring.

Just like last season.

This is becoming painful to watch, as a player who could offer so much, who Steven Gerrard could truly build his team around keeps breaking down and simply isn’t physically capable of sustaining fitness in football.

Gerrard has confirmed he will be going under the knife again, and that his recovery is months.

This is a repeating cycle with the ex-Norwich man. Gets injured, out for months, comes back, dawn of the Messiah, breaks down, gone.

Just like Niko Kranjcar he’s broken and just can’t keep his body stable any longer. And we don’t expect a different outcome.

Hope springs eternal, of course, but we shouldn’t be naïve.


  1. No way man im fed up with this bringing back people that left our club on its dying knees . We should be moving forward not backwards hence McGregor Lafferty and now Davis with Naismith mentioned as well dont want any of those chislers near our club . There are 2 already here getting a wage that should not be here just my opinion which is like arseholes everybody has one .

  2. Sadly I think Dorrans is finished.
    Absolutely Gutted for Him and as a Rangers Fan!

    I dont think bringing back Davis is the Solution.
    Id Rather see Doche back and Maybe Barjonas getting a Chance.

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