Thursday, 4 October 2018

Steven Gerrard has ripped heavily into two Rangers stars

Rangers manager Steven Gerrard has indirectly condemned in the strongest possible terms any infraction of the gentlemanly rules of respect Alfredo Morelos and Daniel Candeias are claimed to have violated.

In clearly stated disapproval (which we back 100%) the manager urged all his players, without naming names, to always shake hands with their opponents at the full-time whistle win lose or draw, regardless of anything which occurred in the match.

It’s a basic precept of the rules of football, the unwritten code that no matter how foul or vile your opponent has been during the 90 minutes, the full-time whistle is a complete cease fire to all that went before and you behave with grace and dignity and either win with class or lose with class.

From what we’re understanding, Morelos and Candeias took exception to Livi celebrating the win with excessive gusto, and we absolutely abhor their alleged response to such lavish joy. As does Gerrard:

“You should shake hands whether you win, lose or draw. I shook hands with every single one of the Livingston players and their coaching staff. I didn’t enjoy it, but I showed my respects. All of our players were angry and annoyed. Livingston were well within their rights to celebrate. It was a massive win for them. When Rangers come to town it’s everyone’s cup final, everyone wants to beat us. Yeah, you should always shake hands. Because we are Rangers and we are playing for a historic club that shows class. That’s who we are representing."

In short, a wee club like Livi had every right to be overjoyed with a big win over Rangers, and for any Rangers player to ignore their opponent’s handshake out of pettiness is bang out of order for us.

It’s not Rangers class. It’s not Rangers dignity. And it frankly won’t be tolerated. And Gerrard has as indirectly as he can without being explicitly direct castigated Morelos and Candeias’ alleged immaturity.

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