Steven Gerrard cuts off Jordan Rossiter at heated press conference…


Events at today’s press conference pre-Killie certainly had some added spice as manager Steven Gerrard interrupted Jordan Rossiter’s answer mid-flow and threatened Rangers players again as he did post-Sunday.

After being asked how motivational Gerrard’s ‘threatening’ comments after Sunday had been to him personally, Rossiter began to answer before Gerrard took the stage and livened up an already compelling conference.

Rossiter: “Well, I think at any big….”

SG: “I’ll answer that. It’s a warning. It’s for me that (the question), not him (Rossiter), he’s been injured for two years. At a big club, you expect big players to step up on big occasions and provide big moments. If that doesn’t happen at any big club the management and recruitment define better players or players who will do that. [smile]”

Gerrard is right – Rangers standards are extremely high and right now the players are bottling the big occasions. Not completely – Osijek and Ufa away were stunning examples of the pride of the club and the big players showing up, but overall, the big domestic occasions have seen more failures than success, and the players must be able to rise to those occasions rather than the meek contributions they’ve given, regardless of their own CVs and abilities.

Of course, SG himself has made errors as well, but he is at least admitting those too.

We’ll see how things unfurl.


  1. SG is correct 100%. Too many failures, no heart, no creativity. Did they think we should be giving them tinpot medals, or what? That journo was being a smart-arse.

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