Steven Gerrard announcement has raised a big question…


Article by: Kirsty

We here at Ibrox Noise have never hidden our love for Greg Docherty and think the sooner he’s back in Govan the better. He’s been in top form on his loan at Shrewsbury, currently with 4 goals in 13 appearances. He’s obviously not the only one out on loan, currently south of the border there’s;

Jason Holt at Fleetwood, Jak Alnwick who’s gracing Scunthorpe, Joe Dodoo at Blackpool and Jamie Barjonas at Bury. Further afield there’s Carlos Pena at Nacaxa and Myles Beerman at Birkirkara in Malta. Still left this side of the border is Lee Hodson at St Mirren, Zak Rudden out at Falkirk, and finally Kyle Bradley is at Annan.

By our reckoning that is 10 players. So I can’t say I was surprised when I heard that Steven Gerrard was looking for a ‘Loan Manager’. At first we wondered what he meant. Then realised, he wants a manager for the kids out on loan and frankly I think it’s a great idea. First of all they’re all still Rangers players (whether we want them to be or not) and so having their own manager to deal with on a close personal basis who is still at Rangers can only be a good thing in their development.

Stevie Ger wants someone to check in on them, find out what they eat, when they sleep and other football life aspects. Many would wonder why he can’t do it himself, but I think we all know that he’s got enough to be dealing with right now. So someone he can rely on to help the guys on loan would be beneficial to all involved.

Now bodes the question, who? I can’t see it being a name we’ll all recognise but whoever it is he’ll have Gerrard’s respect and confidence that he’ll do a great job.

If anyone has any ideas who will be Stevie’s “On Loan Manager” then feel free to leave it in the comments section guys.

NB: ed’s note – he may well be looking to promote one of his current coaching staff to that role – Jordan Milsom or Michael Beale, perhaps.

As Kirsty says, send in your suggestions to the usual place.


  1. A well known, respected and trusted ex player who takes no nonsense would fit the bill nicely. Someone like John Brown.

  2. It should have been Barry Ferguson to get his foot back in the door again.
    The boy is a legend and has fallen on hard times. We should be looking at bringing one of our own back. He would give it all he had and hopefully progress from there.

  3. Sorry guys wee Barry is a millionaire so how come he has fallen on bad times can a fellow bear explain this to me .

  4. He was declared bankrupt this year.
    And in terms of his football career, he has not had the breaks after playing.

  5. Then you have not been keeping up

  6. Ferguson was declared bankrupt last year with over £1.1m owed and only £500000 in assets. His credit restrictions have only been lifted recently. I think he would be a great fit for a position like this and would be a springboard back into learning football management.

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