Tuesday, 2 October 2018

Should Rangers fans be worried about THESE comments by Steven Gerrard?

Following Sunday’s disappointing loss at Livi, Rangers manager Steven Gerrard has struggled notably with his soundbites for the first time as the strain of being Rangers’ boss may just have truly hit him for the first time.

Speaking in the days since, Gerrard blamed Rangers’ inability to defend at set pieces for the lost goal, despite the free kick itself actually being fairly well defended and subsequent play after that being at fault for the concession.

He then added insult to injury by claiming Livi had failed to cut Rangers open with any good play, despite them arguably doing that a number of times in the match.

For the goal Gerrard said:

“It was always going to be us making a mistake or us giving a stupid free-kick away, and that is what happened and they pounced and scored. They then defended well and we didn’t create enough.”

However, analysis of the goal shows it was actually fairly well cleared by Ejaria, but the follow up passage of play was not defended at all well and Livi attacked with clinical precision.

Then on Livi’s play, the manager added:

"With all due respect, I don’t think Livingston were going to cut us open today with a bit of good play or anything like that."

While Rangers were hardly up against Barcelona, Livi still managed five shots, two of which were on target, and possession was 49/51. Livi more than gave a good account of themselves on Sunday and deserved more respect than what Gerrard afforded them.

Stevie is new on the job, but you learn much more about your manager and players in defeat/draws than in victory – and we have to be honest, his soundbites following Celtic, Motherwell and now Livi have not been great.

We’ve been full of praise for so much of what Gerrard has done so far, but we make no apology for calling his mistakes, and things he gets wrong.

And hopefully he will turn this stuff around.


  1. Agree with article 100%. If this was pedro or the breadman,, a lot of Rangers fans would be shouting for their heads! Gerrard needs to instill steel into our team as they played like a bunch of frightened fairys and appeared not to believe in themselves that they could actually beat Livingston. These games are our bread and butter to win the league. Again, inconsistency is our enemy. Excessively rotating the team is just not working either. Play the best team every game ffs!!

  2. Look steve what happened wasn't your fault you put your best eleven players on the pitch once they cross the touch line you can do no more it's then up to the club captain to ensure your instructions were carried out it happened let's not dwell on it we must get the focus on the next match which is europa cup Austria Vienna then hearts in the league stevie don't despair your doing your best the team must be mentally strong for these games .come on boys do it for the club .

  3. Nope not worried.
    He's been talking this way since he started, like he has Tom Miller on ear piece. Just a different feeling than the usual win or credible draw.
    I'm still very confident in the team and think he'll learn a lot about expectations and Scottish football after playing an in-form Livi on their own patch (not fit for good football).

  4. I expect Rangers to totally boss the game against Hearts who were a little lucky on Sunday if you read the report. We need to win 3 points at all costs Drop Morose The Petulant One !! and play Laffs and Middleton Kent also deserves a start as does Coulibally and Dorrans

  5. I agree with Stevie, Livi did not open us up 5 times for the 5 shots at goal as reported, 3 x long balls is not opening us up! Livi had a game plan and played it well.
    What I will say though is someone needs to scout these games against last seasons top 5 teams for the likes of Live, Killie, Hamilton and Dundee to see how they intend to play especially at home thats the only way to get a true look at what they will play like againts us. Going to watch Livi v Hamilton, Killie v Dundee will not tell our manager anything as they teams will always open up against each other cause they need the points, games against top 6 teams are not counted as much. We should have someone at Livi v Aberdeen at Livingstone or Hamilton v Hearts at Hamilton.
    I seen the Hearts manager was in the crowd for our game on Sunday, that has shown him how to stop us from playing against them, 11 mem behind the ball and a big punt up the pitch, at least Hearts will play out from the back and make a game of it.
    This is not sour grapes or anything, Livi scored the goal got the points good on them surprise package this season but that was not football they played for the full 95mins of that game, maybe 15mins of the game was.

  6. As I have said before we have gone from one youth coach to another its just the same as last season .

    1. No where near the dross of last season sounds like Timmy patter you obsessed fool

    2. Jock just speaking my mind is that crime in your world .Thats what is wrong people like you caught up the hype of a couple of good games against lesser opponents and you cream your pants .Tell me games where we have beat any of the top 6 this season .Ayr St Johnstone Dundee big scores nothing games .Stevie G needs to get results for us from teams at the top half of the table so tell me big Jock who have we beat above us in the league .

    3. What are you talking about? We are in the top 6 and we've still to play 3 of the remaining 5. How can you beat them if you haven't played most of them? And by the way we've beaten Kilmarnock from the top 6 comfortably in the League Cup.
      Statistically our away record isn't great but we've visited Aberdeen, Motherwell, Ceptic and one of the form teams in Livi.
      It's not Gerrards fault we've only played St Mirren, Dundee and St Johnstone at Ibrox.
      And let's not forget we are closing in on a 10 match record equalling European run.

  7. I think it is hugely to Gerrard's credit that he hasn't mentioned or tried to blame the Livi pitch, which we all know was a significant contributing factor towards Sunday's abysmal performance. It appeared to be worse than Kilmarnock's pitch, and the fact that every single Rangers player struggled on Sunday would certainly suggest they were affected by the plastic pitch, which of course Livi are used to playing on.
    I am not saying we lost because of the plastic pitch, even allowing for that we were rank rotten. But it is certainly to SG's credit that he hasn't mentioned that they were playing on a surface that is not fit for Premier League football.

  8. Well next time go there, beat Livi, THEN say the pitch is not suitable for professional football, not just the Premier League. We said so after the Kilmarnock and it carried some weight and got some cross club support because we won the match.

  9. I think the problem is rotation of the squad. Pick your best team and allow them to gel together.

  10. The Next Two Away League Games are Must Wins
    The Rapid Vienna Game is also kind of a Must-Win.

    But to be Honest, A Lot of Gers Fans need to get off Stevie's Back.

  11. This is just lazy journalism guys. You say Livingston deserved more respect than he showed them but the man started out the exact same interview by saying "right now im dissapointed but no complaints in terms of the result. Livingston deserved to beat us today and so congratulations to them" If thats not showing respect for the opposition I don't know what is.
    Regardless, our away form needs to improve and Stevie will know this. I back him to turn it round. We have seen in matches at home what a team we can be. We just need to figure out a way to play with the same intensity away from home.


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