Should Rangers asset be brought in from the cold?


While it is clear that James Tavernier is first-choice RB and has made that position 100% his own over the past three years, the situation on the opposite side has become a lot less abundant.

Rangers have four (yes, really) options at left back and none of them have truly won fans over in a universal manner.

Jon Flanagan has been solid, but not flashy – a decent defender who has made the odd error but is technically in his weaker position, being a natural RB. He also offers nothing going forward.

Andy Halliday, who does, again, a solid job there but it’s far from his natural slot, whatever that is any more. He too struggles to offer much going forward and does get caught for position when defending.

Then we have Borna Barisic, who showed glimpses of his stunning crossing delivery early on but showed a real weakness for defending – many accused him of costing Villarreal’s second goal and it’s also an issue that he cannot stay fit. He’s been out for a month.

And last but not least… yes, it’s Lee Wallace, who we do feel has been given a completely raw and rather disgraceful deal by the club he sacrificed everything for. While he has fitness issues, we wonder now just significant they are and how much of his absence is down to his altercations with the powers-that-be.

Seen more often in the development squad, Wallace and youth coach Graeme Murty must be such great mates down there, and it’s the failed senior manager who seems to have come out on top given he got his old job back while Wallace sits on the scrapheap.

Which brings us to the point of this piece – is there a way back for Wallace at Ibrox?

No one seems to have settled at LB – and the big marquee player we signed for it has both failed to convince and be fit. Why shouldn’t Lee Wallace become a serious option to fill that position again?

He attacks well, he defends pretty decently too, and he will give his all if he’s selected. He is certainly barely any inferior to any of the others we’ve mentioned.

It’s a waste having this guy on a wage if we’re not going to use him, so either get him involved or cut him loose.


  1. We should aim to have 2 good players for each position. So, 2 CBs, 4 players. Flanagan is RB cover and much as I love Halliday, he should not be one if the two.
    So, Wallace as backup or get another one in.

  2. Murty and him mates? So what was fallout all about. Or have you forgotten. Anyway too old and has been out too long. Costing a lot.

  3. There’s no debate really, he’s a good player with so much still to offer this team. He’s taking a wage so get him in there, might just show Gerrard he actually has the right player along for LB

  4. I would play him tonight.better lb than Flannagan in my opinion and far better going forward. Had a bit of a raw deal 4 me

  5. YES!
    Wallace Deserves another Chance
    He Deserves another Shot at LB Slot

    This is how it should be :

    AM – No.1
    Alnwick/McCrorie – No.2
    (When AM Retires, Make Jak No.1 and have McCrorie as His No.2)
    Foderingham – Sell

    Tav – No.1
    Flanagan – Backup

    Goldson/Katic – Main Pairing
    Worrall – Backup
    McAuley – Finished

    When Worrall goes back to Notts/McAuley Retires either Buy two New CBs or Buy 1 New CB and use Aidan Wilson as the Other.

    Barisic – No.1
    Wallace – No.2

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