Friday, 19 October 2018

"Red or dead" - this is the despicable anti-Rangers banner Aberdeen used...

This is the outrageous banner which Aberdeen ‘fans’ used recently and saw the BBC forced to apologise after it was used in a photo of their supporters by the corporation over a story about tickets.

The banner, depicting Rangers’ Ryan Jack dead, came with the slogan ‘red or dead’ and was a vile throwback to the kind of Dons’ behaviour which saw and sees them endorse the attack on Ian Durrant all those decades ago while glorifying the Ibrox Disaster.

We don’t exactly need to describe this image for the picture to tell a thousand words.

Once again both the Dons and the BBC have outdone themselves in their vindictiveness over Rangers, but suggesting Jack is dead and depicting him as such is pretty low even for the questionable moral level of the Pittodrie side, and the BBC’s use of this photo pretty much sums up their stance on all things Rangers.

The latter have claimed it was an error, but quite honestly that doesn’t wash. They’ve made one too many ‘errors’ over the years with regards Rangers.

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