Rangers net yet more as bonus cash revealed…


 Article by: Kirsty

I won’t speak for everyone here at Ibrox Noise but to say I didn’t expect us to get this far in the Europa League is a bit of an understatement. Now that’s not to say I didn’t have faith in the team or indeed in Stevie Ger but I just didn’t dare to think it was possible. Who last year would even have begun to comprehend it. Stuck in a limbo, disastrous results. First it was Caixinha who none of us here had any faith in, rightly so. Then Murty, I don’t need to say any more about him do I?

Now we have Stevie Gerrard, we’re sitting top, that’s ‘top’ of our Europa league group. Two games down it’s something I didn’t quite expect to see. Isn’t it a lovely sight? First year back and we have had some damn unexpected results. The draw away to Villarreal is something I absolutely didn’t believe we could do.

We could have kissed Lafferty on that night. We’ve already covered Thursday’s fantastic win at Ibrox, as she starts to resemble a fortress again. Now with the results comes something else, a bonus you could say; money, and a fair chunk of it. You don’t have to be an accountant (although I am) to know these results in Europe are bringing in a healthy financial boost. So I started to wonder just how much money we’ve started to generate.

By getting past Shkupi, then Osijek courtesy of a priceless away goal, then onto Maribor and that long trip to Russia to face Ufa we’ve enhanced the coffers. We worked doggedly in those games and strived for the wins. Not all the football was pretty, of course, but what we did get out of it was €2.92m for the group stage default.

Then came Villarreal, now as I’ve said I totally didn’t expect to get any result in Estadio de la Cerámica. With that draw obviously came the bonus of some cash. From that draw, as is standard UEL prize money, we happened to receive €190,000. Now on to Thursday’s game at The Fortress; I might actually start to call her that the way results at home are going. That sweet win over Rapid Vienna (yes, I still call them Vienna too) earned us €570,000. So far 10 games have bagged us €3.68m which translates to £3.23m.

We’ve had our negative moments here on Ibrox Noise but that type of cash injection is always a good thing. Now it’s onto Spartak Moscow later in the month and, with any luck, effort and downright good play we could net ourselves a lot more. That’s before we even think about getting to the last 32 which would hand us €500,000 and that is a heck of a lot of cash to be playing for.

Obviously it’s not quite UCL levels yet, but it’s millions, and that’s millions we weren’t getting in years gone past.

Least we can pay that face painter now eh…


  1. That's not taking into account all the extra gate receipts, in my estimation that takes us nearer the 10 million mark

  2. Plus now with the kits on sale we are defo a club on the up compared to previous seasons where these funds simple were not available to us, all these combinations can only make us stronger in the transfer market as we continue to grow, small steps at a time tho we need to invest wisely and bring the right type of players in to reach the champions league goal and big money

  3. we will make minimum £12m in europa possibly £15m max depending on results and qualification , £12m on the share issue been approved, £5m from strip sales, £5m for TV and Sponsorships, £13.6m on season ticket sales and a couple of million more for the home cup games is about £47-50m minus running costs of about £30m = £20m net cash hopefully.

  4. Any Cash coming into the Club that We weren't getting before has to be a good Thing 🤔👍🔴⚪⭕

    You could say Yeah but its only £3m when Celtic in the past few years have banked £30m +

    Just a little fact…
    We got Connor Goldson, A Prem Standard Defender for £3m! 😃💪

    And as they say in the Tesco Ads
    Every Little Helps 😂😂😂

  5. Great ad and presented very well indeed. Don’t get why people continue to try poke holes in the IN pieces, they see the club as we do and translate all the info otherwise not known to the everyday supporter. Well done Kirsty , great piece.
    Actually bringing money into the club in itself is a step forward in comparison to previous years. Only happy faces and bums on seats at every European game and going home at the end of each game with great results is fantastic, the cherry on top is the cash injection perfectly presented above. We need to take those EL performances into league games though and like you said make Ibrox a fortress and get a nice chain of results put together.

  6. All Rangers fans should be signing up for Rangers protect its a life/home/travel insurance deal that will pump money into Rangers rather than Esure or Churchill.

    • Think we need a bit more detail about how much money they will pump in and it's not other company hoping to make a few bob off of Rangers name. And they'll need to be competitive.

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